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How to buy an MFP

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How to buy an MFP

Technology is the first productivity, driven by the rapid progress in technology, the field of office equipment, new products are emerging, whether it is wireless printing or portable copying, are no longer in the conversation. However, taking into account the office costs accumulated over time is also a very considerable number of this very real problem, we should still adhere to the principle of making the best use of things, scientific configuration, reasonable use, not blindly pursue the product function of "high and comprehensive".

You must have seen a lot of articles on office equipment, but more to the product features and parameters of the introduction of the long. For the function of a comprehensive all-in-one machine to increasingly win the market, which criteria should be followed to select, in order to achieve good value for money the eternal pursuit of consumers? Based on the existing understanding of the market, I have summarized the following experience for you.

Selection index one: low energy consumption

With the popularity of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection and in-depth, now we are in the purchase of all-in-one machine when the attention to the product power consumption has also increased. Before I also did some homework, found that due to the overall level of technology in the industry, various manufacturers of products in working condition power consumption is very different. In this case, consumers can pay more attention to the power consumption of the product in standby mode when they buy. Relative to the use of time, the vast majority of the day in one machine is idle state, the application of one machine energy-saving settings can minimize the machine in the standby state of power consumption. At present, the market sales of mainstream all-in-one machine are equipped with energy-saving options, I believe that the details of the savings, after accumulating over time, will also form a considerable amount, office costs can be saved without realizing it.

Selection indicators two: efficiency first

What is the most valuable in the 21st century? Talent? Not quite. Many will come out of the mouth is time. Customers have three minutes to come to a meeting, the meeting information has not been printed; only output a page of documents, but it takes exponentially more time to wait for the machine to start ...... This shows that the efficiency of the all-in-one machine is the winning key to modern business office.

In addition to the output speed of the MFP itself, there are many new features that can effectively help users to improve efficiency. For example, close to the Chinese user needs of the Chinese menu, the operation steps of each function of the all-in-one machine will make simple and easy to understand instructions to ensure that users successfully complete the relevant operations, so that in a short period of time to get their own satisfaction with the output file; compared to the previous complex English terminology menu, in the Chinese operating environment, even if the first time the use of the all-in-one machine users can quickly get started, fully reflecting the function in the efficient Office on the advantages of the function.

With the emergence of new technologies, consumers also need to update their database in order to be able to select the most suitable for their needs from a dazzling array of products. I'm sure many of you have encountered situations where the front and back of your ID card are not aligned or overlaid together when copying. The current quietly emerging card copying function is the right remedy to help users save the time they used to waste on ID card copying. With the quick one-key operation, it can say goodbye to the yesterday of not being able to print satisfactory results repeatedly.

Selection index three: easy to save paper

Generally encounter paper consumption is relatively large, we will jokingly call the printing equipment is "eating paper". Step back, even without considering their own costs, from the standpoint of environmental protection, we can not uncontrolled source of paper into the never-ending "big mouth". To turn the situation around, double-sided output function is a good choice. For some internal use of documents, such as PPT manuscripts, we can achieve double-sided output to double the use of paper, easily save half the cost of paper.

In addition, you can also pay attention to the output mode of the all-in-one machine when you buy. Manufacturers who are sensitive to user needs have launched all-in-one output products to help users make more reasonable use of paper. For example, users engaged in design work to some sample output, mainly to do a general understanding of the composition and layout and other information, and does not require output accuracy, all-in-one output can be very good to take into account this part of the demand.

Selection indicators four: ink-saving settings

These points are said to be in the cost savings to give you tips, the underlying reason is also attributed to the outbreak of the financial crisis, prompting companies to reduce the total cost of ownership of office equipment to accelerate the agenda. After the use of the cost of office equipment is the main component of the total cost of ownership, and the input of consumables and occupy a large proportion of the cost of late use, the purchase of all-in-one machine consumables consumption is also very necessary to consider the situation.