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How to choose home green plants

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How to choose home green plants

For us who are lost in high-rise buildings all day, who doesn't want to have one side of our own yard, with flowers as a fence, poetic as a wall and smelling the fragrance of a yard.

Whenever you carefully select all kinds of satisfactory furniture and carefully arrange it with the designer, you will always feel less when you are in this dream house, which is about to be completed and seems perfect.

If you want to live a decent life, you always need to bring some "green"! Green plants can not only improve the overall appearance of home, but also bring vitality and fun to life. Like the selection of furniture, the selection of green plants is also mutually integrated with the characteristics of plants. As a supporting role, it is very important to play an extra part of embellishment and brightening. The beautiful green plants are pleasing to the eye. Now briefly introduce the common and easy to take care of home green plants at home.

1. Banyan leaf

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Every time I open the home magazine, I see a common figure. Tall broad-leaved plants are placed in the corner of the porch and living room, which makes the grid improve several times in an instant.

2. Tiger tail orchid
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The common potted plants for home decoration, with tiger tail stripes on the leaves, not only have aesthetic feeling, but also add natural artistic charm to the home.

3. Mint
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Peppermint with light fragrance quietly brings a trace of small freshness to the home. It is not only suitable for planting with mud, but also hydroponics. The natural flexibility on the table comes with it.

4. Taro
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Do not want to be troubled by pollen, but also think that plants are not pure green. As a leaf viewing taro, it is your first choice to decorate your home. All kinds of leaf patterns are presented on the wide leaf surface and placed in a corner of the home.

5. Succulent plant
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All kinds of succulent plants with thousands of postures are also regular guests of home decoration. Delicate, fresh and easy to take care of. The most important thing is high appearance. Put 1 or 2 pots on the desk or kitchen and they will be dazzling.