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How to maintain these three kinds of office furniture?

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How to maintain these three kinds of office furniture?

Office furniture is often contacted in the process of people's daily work, which is very important for people's work, so it is also necessary to clean and maintain office furniture. There are different maintenance methods for different types of office furniture.

1. Wood type office furniture

Avoid strong direct sunlight, excessive temperature changes, and too dry or humid environments. Because these will make the wooden office furniture deform, and there will be dry crack and expansion. Therefore, for wooden furniture, special attention should be paid to the change of indoor temperature in summer and avoid strong light.

2. Office furniture of leather type

In summer, it is easy for people to leave sweat stains on leather office furniture, and the pores of leather office furniture will absorb sweat stains. Over time, it will produce peculiar smell. Therefore, it is necessary to scrub with a dishcloth when necessary, and maintain it regularly with special care products. At the same time, it is also necessary to avoid environmental humidity caused by wet ground or residual water beach.

3. Plywood office furniture

The most important thing for this type of office is that when there are heavy objects to be placed, they should be placed in the position supported by the table, and the lighter objects should be placed in the middle. Because if the weight is placed in the middle, the desktop will deform over time. The same goes for drawers. Don't put too many heavy objects in the same drawer, otherwise deformation will occur.