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Millimeter wave radar - the trend of home intelligent security equipment

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Millimeter wave radar - the trend of home intelligent security equipment

In the era of Internet of things, family security has become more intelligent. When the user returns home, the access control identification system will automatically turn on. If the intelligent camera captures abnormal events, abnormal behaviors and abnormal personnel, it will automatically alarm and notify the property management to protect the safety of the community and home.

Millimeter wave radar is the trend of intelligent security

At present, the security equipment mainly uses ultrasonic, passive infrared, active infrared (lidar, TOF), optical camera, millimeter wave radar and other sensors. Among them, the advantages of millimeter wave radar can not be underestimated.

Precise positioning

The detection target of the security system is generally a moving object. The traditional detection method intelligently senses the existence of the target, but it is unable to determine the specific location information of the target. Millimeter wave radar can accurately locate the target according to the detected moving object distance, speed, moving direction and other information.

Work around the clock

Millimeter wave has small atmospheric attenuation, better penetration to smoke and dust, less affected by the weather, and has the ability to work all day.

High resolution

The wavelength of millimeter wave radar is located in the overlapping wavelength range of microwave and far-infrared wave, so it has the advantages of microwave guidance and photoelectric guidance. At the same time, it also has its own unique properties, such as high resolution, good directivity and good detection performance.

No damage to appearance

Millimeter wave radar is small in size and light in weight. It doesn't need to have specific shape requirements like infrared sensor, nor need to be installed in a wide viewing angle like camera, and it doesn't need to damage the appearance. It can make product design more possible, and there is no need to worry about privacy leakage.

The main principle of applying millimeter wave radar to security is that the electromagnetic wave is transmitted by the transmitter through the radar antenna, reflected by obstacles, and then received by the receiver. The position data of the target is measured according to the time difference between sending and receiving.

The unreliability of society and the high frequency of indoor theft will promote the actual needs of consumers. Today, with the growth of smart home scale, the application of millimeter wave radar technology will give more possibilities and innovations to traditional security products and applications.