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Shocking! How come there are so many good whiteboards?

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Shocking! How come there are so many good whiteboards?

In his autobiography, "The World is Different Because of You," Kai-Fu Lee describes Microsoft's ubiquitous whiteboards, "During that time, any guest who came to visit Microsoft Research couldn't help but exclaim, 'How come there are so many writing whiteboards here?' Some guests sitting in our lounge would be surprised to find that even the coffee table at hand could 'write'"

In Microsoft, as many whiteboards as possible are installed in order to allow employees to communicate and debate regardless of location, simply by doing everything possible. In the largest conference room "Guide Hall", you can see square, rectangular, and even round whiteboards, a whole side of the "whiteboard wall", and the office pillar with wool glass wrapped up to do whiteboard. And Lee designed the "whiteboard coffee table", you can write the points you think of on the table embedded in the whiteboard, Microsoft as long as the place where you can put the whiteboard, are put on the whiteboard.

Why the whiteboard is so important

Kai-Fu Lee's "The World is Different Because of You" mentions: Whiteboard culture represents a spirit of openness.

It means everyone is equal, everyone's ideas can be boldly said and written, and mistakes are allowed because the words on the whiteboard are easy to erase. It implies a team spirit, where everyone is not closed and your ideas can be built on the inspiration of others.

The role of the whiteboard is to sort out the thoughts formed in the mind and interact with other people's ideas on the whiteboard. The whiteboard is like an "external brain" that quickly displays our flash of inspiration or thinking ideas.

After all, inspiration only comes for a moment, and not catching it is missing it.

Whiteboards are used for communication and can be used to sort through a large amount of idea material, making ideas easier to accept visually, reducing communication barriers, ensuring the adequacy of information conveyed, better inspiration, sharing insights, and targeted discussions. It can be said that if there is no whiteboard in the office meeting room, there is no creative future for this business.