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What Ergonomics Has Done for Us

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What Ergonomics Has Done for Us

Ergonomics originated in Europe and the United States, originally as an independent discipline for more than 40 years, in industrial societies that began to produce and use mechanical facilities in large numbers, exploring the harmonious relationship between man and machine. The military science and technology in the Second World War began to apply the principles and methods of ergonomics in the design of the interior compartments of tanks and airplanes, how to make people operate and fight effectively in the compartments, and make people as long as possible in a small space to reduce fatigue, that is, to deal with: the harmonious relationship between man-machine and environment. After the Second World War, the practice and research results of ergonomics were rapidly and effectively applied to space technology, industrial production, architecture and interior design in various countries, and the International Ergonomics Association was established in 1960.

Nowadays, social development is transitioning to post-industrial society and information society, and emphasis is placed on "people-oriented" and human services. Ergonomics emphasizes new ideas of comprehensive analysis in all people's life and production activities from people themselves and under the premise of human subjects.

In fact, human-object-environment is a system closely linked together, and in the future, ergonomics is expected to be used to dominate the living environment in an active and efficient way.

In 2003, ergonomics has been linked to interior design, and its meaning is: taking human beings as the main body, using means and methods such as anthropometric, physiological and psychological measurements to study the reasonable coordination relationship between human body structure and function, psychology, mechanics and other aspects and indoor environment, so as to meet the requirements of human physical and mental activities and obtain the best use efficiency, and its goal should be safety, health, high efficiency and comfort. Ergonomics and related disciplines and the interrelationship of human, indoor environment and facilities in ergonomics.