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Neck Cooling Tube

A neck cooling tube is a versatile accessory designed to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather or during physical activities. It is typically made from moisture-wicking and cooling fabrics, such as microfiber or polyester blends, which help to regulate body temperature and provide relief from heat.

Neck cooling ring

Neck cooling tubes are a practical and versatile accessory for staying cool in hot environments or during physical exertion. Whether you're working out, enjoying outdoor activities, or simply trying to beat the heat, a neck cooling tube can provide instant relief and help you stay comfortable.

Material: ABS Neck Support + TPU Film + PCM Gel

Weight: 266g

Size: 420*40*20mm


Ideal Cooler: Use special PCM refrigerant that freezes below 68°F(20°C) and freezes faster than water, give you a cool experience.
Easy To Use: Comfortable and easy to use with Ergonomic design and eco-friendly TPU. Automatic freezing in 10 minutes in ice water and ice box, 20 minutes in freezer, freezable with air conditioner air.
Toxin Free: Safe and durable. No risks of skin necrosis or frostbite through cooling by maintaining an optimal cooling temperature. No dripping and condensation when melting.

Multi Use: You can use it when running, hiking, in kitchen or having a hot flash.

Neck cooling tube

Cooling neck ring

Neck cooling ring

Neck cooling tubes

Neck cooling tube

Cooling neck tubes

Cool neck tubeCooling tube for neck