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Stationery waste should not be underestimated
23 September 2022

Primary and secondary schools around the world have recently started their school year. In this past weekend, many parents took their children to purchase school supplies.

What Ergonomics Has Done for Us
22 September 2022

Ergonomics originated in Europe and the United States, originally as an independent discipline for more than 40 years, in industrial societies that began to produce and use mechanical facilities in large numbers, exploring the harmonious relationship between man and machine. The military science and

Properly Placed Monitors Are Necessary
21 September 2022

Entering the E era, high efficiency and fast pace has become the mainstream of the modern office. However, many young people who face the computer for a long time are prematurely aging physiologically, declining physically and weakening psychologically.

Low Carbon Fashion - Eco-friendly Pencil Printer
20 September 2022

This is an eco-friendly printer that makes full use of the pencil tip while allowing the paper to be used again and again. Its ink comes from the lead core powder on the pencil tip.

How to use a water glass safely
19 September 2022

Plastic mugs are popular with many people, especially children, teenagers and people who are out and about, such as agricultural mechanics, construction workers and construction workers, because of their versatile shapes, bright colors, low prices and the fact that they are not fragile when dropped.