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Office stationery companies firm up roots
05 December 2022

The "crisis" is like a flu, immune office stationery companies will not fall. In the office stationery business to develop to cover all the problems, be prepared for danger, the construction of corporate roots is the long-term development plan.

Moms-to-be The dos and don'ts of using office equipment
28 November 2022

With the increased pressure of life, many white-collar women have to take on a lot of work during pregnancy, especially those who sit in offices for long periods of time and face a lot of pollution from the office itself.

Are glass whiteboards thin? Can't be erased?
21 November 2022

A customer message said: I experienced a glass whiteboard smooth wiping effect, want to install a piece of home study, not only can wipe decorative study, but also do not have to worry about the daily use of falling down to hurt people.

Global Office Supplies-Sustainable Products Still a Big Trend
14 November 2022

The explosion of the sproutworld planted pencil on the TikTok platform actually reflects the shift in consumer trends toward environmentally sustainable product purchases in recent years, with millennials making the biggest change.

New Glass Whiteboards
07 November 2022

Ordinary whiteboards do not have a long life, and after a period of use they will turn black, and font marks are difficult to erase and require professional cleaning water to clean.