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The Birth of the Eraser
08 August 2022

As one of the common office supplies in our working life, erasers are not only able to erase pencil handwriting, which helps us to improve our office efficiency, but also can be used to clean stains on some furniture items, which is rich in uses.

Office Supplies See New Growth as Furniture Industry Recovers
05 August 2022

In the recently updated Amazon US Top 200 hot list, office chairs, computer desks and many other office furniture products were included.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Kraft Paper Packaging
04 August 2022

Kraft paper packaging has been very widely used in our lives, the advantages of kraft paper is easy to process, affordable, lightweight, good printing, however, all things have two sides, there are advantages at the same time there are disadvantages, kraft paper is also the case.

Concealed gun shelf - Enhancing gun storage security
03 August 2022

Maintaining a balance between security and availability is one of the fundamental keys to home security, but keeping your firearms out of sight doesn't have to mean relying on bulky gun safes.

How to buy an MFP
02 August 2022

Technology is the first productivity, driven by the rapid progress in technology, the field of office equipment, new products are emerging, whether it is wireless printing or portable copying, are no longer in the conversation.