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Magnetic Framed Board Maintenance Guide
20 May 2024

Magnetic framed boards are versatile tools used in various environments, including offices, classrooms, and homes. They offer a convenient surface for writing, displaying documents, and organizing thoughts with the help of magnets.

How to choose a good whiteboard?
06 May 2024

Whiteboards are indispensable tools in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, and homes, offering a versatile surface for brainstorming, presentations, teaching, and organization. However, with a variety of options available on the market, choosing the right whiteboard can be overwhelming.

How to Choose the Right Material for a Waterproof Cord Box
29 April 2024

A waterproof cord box is an essential accessory for organizing and protecting cords, cables, and electrical equipment from moisture and other environmental elements.

When Were Whiteboards Invented?
22 April 2024

Whiteboards have become a ubiquitous fixture in classrooms, boardrooms, and offices worldwide. These sleek, erasable surfaces have largely replaced traditional blackboards and chalkboards, offering a cleaner and more versatile platform for brainstorming, teaching, and collaboration.

Are There Affordable Options for Desktop Glass Whiteboards?
15 April 2024

Whiteboards have long been a staple in classrooms, boardrooms, and home offices, providing a convenient surface for brainstorming, note-taking, and collaborative work.