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The wonders of glue

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The wonders of glue

Glue, is an adhesive used to bond different items. In the office, we usually use glue to stick paper and fix things. It can be said that glue is indispensable in our office life.

The material of glue can be summarized by the riddle "like water is not water, like oil is not oil". In fact, glue can be classified according to the material into many kinds, including instant glue, epoxy resin bonding class, anaerobic glue, UV glue, hot melt adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive, latex class, etc.. In addition, in addition to the watery glue, solid glue is also a common type of adhesive, which is not as sticky as glue, but more portable compared to glue.

The principle of glue bonding objects is the tension between polymer bodies. In the composition of glue, water acts as a carrier for the polymer body and is able to carry it to immerse into the tissue of the object. When the water in the glue evaporates, the tensile force between the polymer bodies is able to bond the object. When using glue, too much of it can cause the polymer bodies to crowd together and make it difficult for the water to evaporate, thus not creating enough tension. Too much glue can also lead to uneven folds in the paper and a visually unattractive bonding effect. Therefore, we should pay attention to controlling the amount of glue when using it to avoid poor bonding and waste.

In addition to bonding objects, glue has a number of good uses, for example, wear a long time shirt collar pleats become soft, you can use transparent colorless glue to wet it, an hour later and then ironed, the collar can stand up again as new. In many emergency situations, glue can also replace some of the special materials used to fill gaps, link objects, such as wood furniture cracks, you can inject glue in the cracks to fill; metal jewelry broken, you can also use fast-drying glue for bonding to emergency use.