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What weapons are suitable for family protection?

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What weapons are suitable for family protection?

With various special reasons in the United States, more and more people buy guns for the purpose of self-defense. Among these users, there are many new users who are not familiar with guns or have never been in contact with guns. For all readers in the United States or other countries where guns can be legally held, if you are a novice and intend to buy your first gun to protect yourself and your family, this article is exactly what you need. Warning: firearms are dangerous and deadly weapons and are subject to legal restrictions. Different parts of the United States have different regulations on gun control. Therefore, before purchasing guns, you must first be familiar with the local laws and regulations and legally buy them according to your own situation! After purchasing a gun, you must master the safe operation method of the gun at the first time and keep the gun properly! Safety rules must be strictly observed when using guns! Otherwise, it will face legal and security risks!

In most parts of the United States, shotguns are the easiest weapons to buy and one of the most suitable weapons for family defense. The shotgun has a short range, but it is completely sufficient for family defense, and has the power to defeat the enemy with one shot. At the same time, the price of shotguns is usually very low. A pumped No. 12 shotgun usually costs no more than $500, and ammunition is also very cheap. Compared with pistols, shotguns are easier to control, do not need special precision aiming, and have great deterrence. In fact, many times, as long as the shotgun is pulled to load, the vast majority of rational intruders will leave by themselves after hearing it.

But shotguns are not perfect defense weapons: shotguns have great recoil and are not easy to adapt to shooters who are not strong enough. The shooting speed of the pump shotgun is not high, the bullet capacity is not large, and the loading is generally slow. It is not easy to shoot quickly in the face of multiple intruders, while the price of the semi-automatic shotgun is generally high. Shotguns usually shoot 8-10 bullets at a time. These bullets may cause great collateral damage or innocent people in a confined space. However, a pump operated shotgun is enough to meet the vast majority of family defense needs.

As one of the most popular shotguns in the American market, M500 / 590 shotgun is the shotgun recommended by the author. This weapon is cheap and easy to operate. It is a very popular family defense weapon. The M500 / 590 gearbox is made of aluminum alloy, which is light and easy to carry. For women or users with weak physique, you can consider buying a No. 20 caliber shotgun with small recoil force, which can also provide sufficient power.

Maverick 88 will be a very suitable choice for users with limited budget. Maverick 88 can basically be regarded as a cheap version of M500 / 590. It usually costs only about $200, but it is a reliable family defense weapon. However, maverick 88, like M500, uses a trigger set made of plastic, so there is a risk of damage. In addition, the fuse of maverick 88 is located on the trigger retainer instead of the fuse above the gearbox equipped with M500 / 590.

M590a1 is a more suitable choice for users with sufficient budget. Unlike maverick 88 / M500, m590a1 is a military gun with metal trigger components. Compared with the first two, it is more robust. Of course, the price is slightly higher, reaching $500. For a defense weapon, it is undoubtedly cost-effective to exchange this cost for peace of mind.

Compared with M500 / 590, m870 is a heavier but stronger weapon. The m870 gearbox is made of steel, which can withstand quite high bore pressure and violent operation, but the corresponding weight is also relatively large. Like the M500 / 590, the m870 also has a 20 caliber version for users with weak body quality. In terms of price, there is little difference between the two. You can buy a brand-new m870 for only $300 ~ 500.

Although m870 is also an excellent shotgun, this shotgun is not the first recommendation of the author. The reasons include the following two points:

Compared with m870, the unlocking lever position of M500 / 590 is more "humanized". In order to ensure the safety of shooting, both m870 and M500 / 590 have a locking structure, which can not pull the guard wood to load when the gun is in the waiting state. The wooden guard unlocking lever of m870 is located in front of the trigger retainer and cannot be directly touched when holding a gun. The unlocking lever of M500 / 590 is located behind the trigger retainer, which can be easily touched by fingers and easier to operate.

Compared with m870, the ammunition feeding lever of M500 / 590 will not block the ammunition loading port when the gun is locked. This design makes it easier for shooters to load bullets into the magazine in a tense or dark environment. This is crucial in family defense. If you want to buy a semi-automatic shotgun as a family defense weapon, the Mossberg 930 will be the most recommended model. As a semi-automatic shotgun, the price of Mossberg 930 is generally about $600 ~ 1000, which is quite cheap. The semi-automatic powerful firepower can enable the shooter to quickly knock down multiple intruders, which is also difficult for the pump shotgun to do.

Although the performance is excellent and the price is not high, the Mossberg 930 shotgun also has some defects. One of the problems is that the handle size of the puller is small and inconvenient to operate. However, the large-size puller handle of Mossberg 930 is very easy to buy in the market. Just replace it. Because it is widely used in sports shooting, Mossberg 930 has many kinds of modified parts, which can be modified according to its own needs. Of course, the price of these accessories is not cheap.

Compared with the pump shotgun, the failure rate of semi-automatic shotgun is generally higher. Although the Mossberg 930 is generally a reliable weapon, users should still learn how to troubleshoot in battle. In addition, semi-automatic shotguns are generally picky about ammunition, so please make sure that the ammunition you buy can be used normally on your own weapons before use. Therefore, semi-automatic shotgun is not the first choice recommended by the author, but if you really need to fight a large group of intruders who are not afraid of death, then semi-automatic shotgun is indeed a good choice.

In addition to shotguns, semi-automatic rifles are also a very effective family defense weapon. Although it is rumored that rifles will penetrate in close combat and cause large incidental losses, this is entirely a rumor. As the sales of armour piercing ammunition are strictly controlled by American law, the problem of "excessive penetration" is not more serious for small caliber rifles such as AR-15 than pistols or shotguns. But like any other weapon, when shooting a semi-automatic rifle, you must make sure that the muzzle points in the direction of nothing you don't want to hit.

Due to its longer range, the semi-automatic rifle can cope with more flexible occasions. It is especially suitable for users who have large farms or need long-range shooting for other reasons. Although a semi-automatic rifle with good performance can be bought without a high price, considering the price of ammunition, the semi-automatic rifle is still a relatively high-cost defense weapon. In addition, semi-automatic rifles are strictly restricted by law in some parts of the United States, so it may not be a good idea to buy semi-automatic rifles in these places.

Due to the strict restrictions on the barrel length of rifles in U.S. law, the purchase of short barrel Rifles (SBR) is very troublesome or completely infeasible in many areas, and the longer barrel is not suitable for family defense in a compact space. However, a rifle without a butt can be defined by law as a "pistol", thus bypassing this legal provision. Before buying a semi-automatic rifle, please think clearly: do I really need a semi-automatic rifle as a family defense weapon? Is this "offensive weapon" allowed in my area? Can I really operate a semi-automatic rifle skillfully? Can I really use this rifle safely?

If you want to buy a semi-automatic rifle as a family defense weapon, the author first recommends the saint series AR-15 semi-automatic rifle of Springfield weapons company. This is a series with "cost performance" as the main selling point. The Saint AR-15 does not have various "tactical" modifications, but uses a simple and beautiful traditional structure. Perhaps the Saint AR-15 is not the best quality AR-15 weapon, but the Saint AR-15 is definitely the best AR-15 you can buy for $1000.

Although the price is not high, the Saint AR-15 is equipped with the grip, butt and guard wood produced by BCM company in the United States. These accessories are of excellent quality and can be called the top level. Saint series also includes a "pistol" in the legal sense, which allows users to simply buy a semi-automatic weapon with a short barrel and firing rifle bullets at a low price.

The Ruger mini-14 semi-automatic rifle is also a very good choice for users who are in areas with strict gun control and cannot easily buy AR-15 or AK. This rifle is improved from the M14 automatic rifle once used by the U.S. military. Although the latter has been criticized, as a civil semi-automatic rifle, the performance of the mini-14 is completely qualified. The design of military rifle makes this rifle have quite reliable performance.

As a family defense rifle, the length of the mini-14 makes it difficult to operate indoors, but in addition, the rifle is quite easy to use. In addition to the 5.56x45mm caliber version, the mini-30 with 7.62x39mm rifle ammunition is available for users to choose. Compared with the former, the ammunition of the latter is very cheap, and frequent practice does not need to consume too high cost.

As one of the most popular weapons among American people, semi-automatic rifles have various types. If you want to buy other types of AR-15, or AK, Aug or even scar as a family defense weapon, in fact, there is no problem. The author does not make further recommendations here. But for family defense weapons, the best choice is to choose those big brand weapons with good reputation and high sales, rather than some unknown cheap products. Although the price of the former is relatively expensive, it is obvious that safety cannot be exchanged for money.

A pistol caliber carbine is a weapon that has the size of a rifle but fires pistol ammunition. Compared with real rifles, PCCS generally have smaller recoil and lighter weight, and the pistol bullets fired are relatively cheap. Compared with pistols, PCC doesn't need much training to get started quickly. PCC is a suitable self-defense weapon for all users, including women and children.

Although the pistol bullet with less power is fired, different from the rumor, the recoil force of PCC with free-form gun structure is not smaller than that of small caliber semi-automatic rifle. Generally speaking, high-quality PCC is usually improved on the basis of military submachine gun. Although the performance of these guns is indeed excellent, they are also quite expensive. Although there are not many cheap PCCS, it is hard to say whether these weapons will "fall off the chain" in use.

In order to meet the needs of different users, Glock pistols have many caliber and size models, but for beginners, the Glock 17, which launches 9x19mm pistol bullets, can already meet all the needs. Although there are smaller versions, these pistols have smaller handles, and the author does not recommend using these pistols. But for users in need of concealed carrying, the Glock 17 pistol with a smaller size may be a good choice. As for the larger caliber version, it is completely unnecessary for family defense. The cheap 9x19mm pistol bullet is enough to meet the combat needs.

Generally speaking, a brand-new Glock 17 pistol can be bought for only $400 ~ 500, and the prices of other models are within the acceptable range. For users with a more adequate budget, consider buying Glock 34 pistols. Glock 34 is a competition pistol with a longer barrel and sleeve, so the recoil force is slightly smaller than Glock 17, the accuracy is higher, and the trigger is more comfortable. However, Glock 34 is also longer in size and is not easy to carry with you. In addition, many types of PCC on the market can be integrated with Glock pistols. If you have two kinds of guns at the same time, you only need to purchase the same magazine.

But like any weapon, Glock pistols are not perfect. Glock pistol has no manual insurance, which is an advantage in a sense, but it also puts forward high requirements for the shooter's safety awareness. Glock pistol is very light. If the shooting posture is not standard, it may cause "weak wrist" failure and lead to pistol jamming, which often happens to users without shooting experience. However, as kilometer said, any pistol needs strict training to play its best role.

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