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Wholesale Acrylic Magnetic Picture Frames

Acrylic picture frames are a popular and modern way to display photographs, artwork, and other visual content. They offer a sleek and minimalist look while ensuring that the focus remains on the displayed item.

acrylic picture frame

Acrylic picture frames are made from clear acrylic material, which is a type of plastic known for its transparency and durability. They are designed to hold and showcase images or documents between two panels of acrylic. The images appear to float within the frame due to the transparent nature of the material.

Size: Customized

Thickness: 8mm or 10mm

Material: Acrylic


【Simple & durable】The clear photo frame is made of two thick acrylic block, and hold picture together by four corner's strongmagnets.
【Double Sided Frame】This clear picture frame can hold two pictures back-to-back and can be viewed from both sides. Easy to set up and easy to update with new photos.

【UV Protection】Prevent picture from fading.

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