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Wholesale Plastic Grocery Bag Dispenser

Elevate your retail space with Naturei's wholesale grocery bag organizers. Our organizers are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed for practical use. Enhance customer experience and maximize storage efficiency with our nature-inspired solutions for grocery bag organization.

plastic bag dispenser

A grocery bag dispenser is a convenient and organized way to store and dispense plastic or reusable grocery bags. It helps keep bags neatly contained and easily accessible for reuse.Plastic Dispenser is a simple container or dispenser designed to hold a bunch of folded plastic bags. It usually has an opening at the top or side, allowing you to pull out one bag at a time.

Material: ABS Plastic

Size: 41*16*9cm

Weight: 504g

MOQ: 200pcs

Sturdy Construction

Secure your plastic bags for future use with our bag dispenser crafted from durable ABS material. Its robust build ensures longevity, and the dispenser is conveniently washable for easy maintenance.

Effortless Operation

Utilizing this dispenser is a breeze – simply insert your bags through the extra-wide top opening for storage. Retrieval is equally simple, with bags smoothly dispensing from the bottom slot.

Versatile Hanging Options

Our Wall-Mounted Plastic Bag Organizer offers practicality wherever you need it. Whether on a wall, under a shelf, or inside a cabinet, this organizer provides adaptable hanging solutions for your convenience.

Easy Installation

Choose the installation method that suits you best – our dispenser offers two options. Use the provided double-sided stickers for a quick setup, or opt for more secure mounting with the included drywall anchors. Enjoy hassle-free installation to streamline your bag storage system.

plastic bag organizerplastic storage bag organizer