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Window Bird Feeder

An acrylic bird feeder is a type of bird feeder made from transparent acrylic material. Acrylic is a durable and lightweight material that offers several advantages when used in bird feeders.

Bird feeder

An acrylic indoor bird feeder is a bird feeder made from transparent acrylic material specifically designed for indoor use. It allows you to enjoy bird watching from within your home while keeping the birds protected and comfortable.

Acrylic indoor bird feeders provide a unique and enjoyable way to bring the beauty of birds into your home. They offer a close-up view of birds' activities and can be a delightful addition to your indoor bird-watching experience.

Material: acrylic

Weight: 340g

Size: 200*180*100mm


Easy To Install: With 4 strong suction cups, the feeder can withstand not only bad weather but also many birds standing and eating. 

Big and Clear View: Due to the clear acrylic material and round hole, you can have excellent clarity and barrier-free viewing of your bird neighbors in the house. 

Weather Adaptability: The sloping roof and drainage holes protect the seeds from getting wet in rain and snow. 

Sliding Feed Tray: Removable tray is easy to clean and refill. 

Grab Bar:  Convenient, and allow birds to land. 

Unique Gift for Birds Lover and Cat: Closer to wild birds and enjoy.

Window bird feeder

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