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20 Practical Work Hacks for the Office

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20 Practical Work Hacks for the Office

Work is an important part of adult life, it allows us to establish ourselves in society, but also inevitably brings us some annoyance. Today, the office work for you to share a set of interpersonal tips on work dealings, I hope to help you enhance the pleasure of work.

1. say less "but"

Although the "but" does not mean malicious, but it is better to say less. For example, if the other person tells you "that store is good" and you say "but this store is better", it seems to me that you are making this move because your perception is threatened and you don't seem to want to accept the other person's opinion at all.

Good people become frank as they get older and listen with admiration and humility, no matter what they say. When they hear of something good, they go and try it; when they hear of a good movie, they go and watch it actively. It is because of this frankness that the harvest will grow.

2. Thank you with your thoughts

When you say thank you to someone, please add some thoughts to it. For example, when you receive a snack, you can reply by saying that it was so delicious that the whole family laughed and enjoyed the snack while drinking tea. With a short sentence like this, the person can imagine you and your family having fun.

3. Say the other person's name

When you talk to someone, you can add their name to the conversation and advance the topic while addressing them by their name. For people you meet for the first time, they will be happy that we remember their name, and for people you know well, they will have a feeling of recognition, such as saying, "That's true, so-and-so," and simply inserting their name into the conversation in this way is natural. It is a kind of adult social etiquette that brings pleasure to others.

4. Quick replies bring good luck

Please make "responding as quickly as possible" one of the important principles of your work. To become a quick and responsive person, start adjusting yourself in general! It is easy to miss an opportunity by "delaying a reply for a long time," because good luck and good opportunities are closely linked, and a quick reply is crucial.

5. Master the information sharing technique of "report, contact, and business

In daily work, most of the work is done as a team, and the working pattern of a team is that the members work together, so please remember to share the information at hand with the people around you. So that others don't feel uncomfortable about not knowing, learn to "report" first; so that others don't feel unhappy about being left out, learn to "connect" first; so that others don't worry, learn to "discuss" first. To prevent others from worrying, learn to "discuss" first. In short, "Report, Connect, and Negotiate" is an excellent information sharing technique.

6. Express your praise and approval clearly

When you work with someone, you should first explore and praise their strengths, praise what they are doing, and appreciate their past performance and achievements. Expressing your praise clearly is the secret of teamwork and an important principle of interpersonal relationships.

7. criticism should be short and strong

If you have juniors or underlings, you may want to give them a little reminder or advice from time to time, but it is worth noting that in order not to hurt their self-esteem, please use short, reassuring words, such as "look carefully".

8. sell yourself

The most important part of your work is to improve your credibility and discover your own value. The phrase "sell yourself before you sell anything" is true. If you can win the trust of the other party, your work will go more smoothly no matter what.

9. record inspiration in words

Inspiration is something that is harder to catch than a lightly flying feather, so in order to keep it from flying elsewhere, you can use words to record inspiration and ideas. Once written on paper, inspiration can be visualized, and the direction in which the work should go becomes more concrete.

10. do something that you don't normally do

If you encounter difficult, tricky things and therefore can not do anything, means you are in the "problem of the maze". To get out of the maze, try to go to places you don't normally go and do things you don't normally do, such as going horseback riding, going to a game room you haven't been to in 10 years, buying a sweater in a color you've never worn ....... By changing your mood and rejuvenating your spirit, even if the problem is not solved, you may be able to make sense of it.

11. have a haven of your own

People will need a place to refresh and calm themselves, they will need a place to contemplate and fully relax, whether it is their own home, a park bench, a bookstore, or a coffee shop, a walking trail, please find a "safe haven", occasionally in their own safe haven to drift off is also very good.

Be a source of sharing information

Discovering, working on your own, and publishing on your own are the three basic gestures to create "self-worth". Whether you play social networking sites or not, once you have learned something from your personal experience, please quickly share it and actively communicate with others. Now is the era of information inflation, the information we collect, the efforts we make with our brains, and the impassioned proposals we make will all become precious first-hand information.

13. know your "sweet spot"

There is no such thing as a hundred hits at work, so instead of throwing all the balls, it's time to know your own "sweet spot". Before you do something, determine if it's something you're good at, if it's socially beneficial, and if it's something that meets the expectations of the other person, and then throw the ball with precision and hit the target. To say, "I can do anything" reluctantly is to say, "I can't do anything.

(Sweet spot: From the golf pro term meaning the point on the head of a golf club where the ball is most powerfully struck. The head of each club has the best landing point for hitting the ball, and can collide with the ball to create the most "sweet" beautiful feeling, and is therefore called the "sweet spot".)

14. practice not to get angry

Everyone's body has a small pool of emotional control. When you are angry, the pool splashes; when your self-esteem is hurt, the pool churns fiercely; when an important area of your life is violated, the pool rises and falls. However, will the problem be solved because you are angry? Please make "not getting angry" a daily practice. As the ancients say, count from one to ten if you are dull, and wait for the calm to return to your little pool.

15. Start with a countdown

Work without a deadline is not work, whether others have set a deadline or not, you must actively set a deadline for yourself, and start counting down from that day to filter the things that should be done. In full consideration of "how many days it takes to do this" based on the practice of setting deadlines is worthy of praise, once the timeline is clearly visible, thinking and action will become efficient.

16. do not lower the standard

I think I would be disappointed if my regular, good coffee shop gave me a cup of coffee that tasted average, because stores, jobs and people all have their own standards, and maintaining a certain level is the performance of professionals. While lowering standards can sometimes make it easier, it also takes away the fun and challenge.

17. understand the things that are being reviewed by the world

Food, goods, services, culture, technology, whether interested or not, you should know what the world says about these things, because this is also one of the knowledge base of your work, only to understand the current standard, you can turn it into work inspiration, so as to enhance the work of enthusiasm. Newspaper and media are good sources of information, and talking to friends is also a good way.

18. be aware of rejection when you ask for something

When asking someone for something, allow for the possibility of rejection. It's hard to do, but it's part of the etiquette of communication. If the relationship does not work out because the person refuses the matter at hand, then you are putting the cart before the horse. Therefore, if you have something to ask, why not use more imagination and communicate with people with seven points of enthusiasm and three points of consideration.

19. show courage to escape

No matter what happens, perseverance is the victory mentality is very important, but do not give up the escape this way out, when you have to run out of courage to run away, even if this is embarrassing, will be laughed at is a coward, will be hated, still have to run away. Of course, the escape here, refers to a very rational look at the situation, physical intuition tells us that we must escape when the situation, this "escape" will not only allow us to recover "life", but also give us the opportunity to protect their cherished ones.

No hearsay

Who is the "everyone" in "everyone says yes"? How many people are the "many people" in "many people are troubled"? It is dangerous to speak out based on the atmosphere or feelings of a few people who may have overheard information or Internet rumors. Spreading hearsay without thinking in order to appear convincing or to pretend to be knowledgeable will only spread misunderstandings more and more. Therefore, before spreading information, please carefully consider(CCTV News).