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2022 China Yiwu Stationery & Gifts Exhibition Opens

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2022 China Yiwu Stationery & Gifts Exhibition Opens

It is understood that after five sessions of Yiwu Stationery Show has grown into a multi-category, multi-channel, diversified cultural supplies exhibition and sales platform. 2022 Yiwu Stationery Show is sponsored by the China Pen Association, co-sponsored by the Mall Group, and organized by the Yiwu Cultural Supplies Industry Association. Exhibition adhere to the "innovative thinking, integration of resources, group development, cooperation and win-win" purpose of the exhibition, to "order meeting + new product launch + traditional exhibition" model, a total of more than 2,500 standard booths, exhibition area of more than 52,000 square meters. Exhibits cover stationery and office supplies, sporting goods, art supplies, books, creative products, gifts and giveaways, and many other categories to meet the one-stop procurement needs of customers.

Affected by the epidemic, the stationery exhibition was postponed for one month, but exhibitors, business enthusiasm. According to the organizers, because of the effectiveness of previous exhibitions, many exhibitors booked booths early last year, more than 2,500 booths "a hard to find", have been "owners". Among them, more than 90% are "repeat customers", and the stickiness of the exhibition has been further enhanced. Morning Glory, true color, white snow, mad god sports, Japan Baile, Kokuyo and other well-known brands of stationery companies have "grabbed", foreign exhibitors accounted for about half of the exhibition's influence continues to grow.

At the same time, in the current environment of reduced customer flow, the organizers use the exhibition accumulated over the years and Yiwu market merchant resources, play the traditional channel merchant advantage, widely launched stationery enterprises to invite buyers to participate in the meeting, share the resources of customers. "We have contacted more than 40 stationery industry associations at home and abroad, more than 30 large stationery wholesale market, and docked a number of supply chain procurement platform, government agencies, etc., to attract more procurement team to attend the meeting." The organizer introduced, from the feedback, the businessmen to Yi procurement intention is high, the exhibition is expected to attend the professional audience will exceed 80,000 people.

On the basis of good epidemic prevention and control, the exhibition continues to adopt the "exhibition + market" exhibition field linkage mode, the 3-day exhibition period of 50 car trips per day to and from the Yiwu International Trade City, three areas between the venue and the main exhibition hall of the International Expo Center, to achieve the mutual attraction of field and hall business. During the exhibition, the popular lottery activities are also arranged, the organizers will spend 3 million yuan to launch 500 vehicles (30 Wuling cars, 470 Emma electric cars) lottery, with real white gold and silver to stimulate buyers to prepay orders, to help merchants solve financial problems. In addition, the market branch will also be synchronized with 100 enterprises to carry out joint promotional activities to further promote the order rate of buyers in Yiwu, to improve the effectiveness of the exhibition.

"Affected by the epidemic, many schools closed or online teaching, coupled with poor logistics, some e-commerce platform shut down. The role of a combination of factors, resulting in a significant decline in the market, some even sales reduced by more than half." According to Yiwu City Cultural Products Industry Association, in comparison, foreign exports have warmed up, "some enterprises have recovered to the level of foreign trade in 2019, and even have to catch up with the situation."

In recent years, to seize the domestic market share, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, Yiwu stationery people "group development", go out, bring in, hand in hand with Jingdong to open up Yiwu stationery industry with self-owned area, not only to foster the growth of Yiwu stationery exhibition, but also let "Yiwu stationery "in the country stand firm, the market share of about 20% of the domestic, the largest market group of stationery.

"Yiwu market to 'thin profit and more sales' is long, before we also engage in low-price competition, in the low-end market you fight for me. But now many companies have their own brands and R & D teams, products to high-end high-priced transformation. Our association is also planning IP-enabled industrial development, join forces to create market explosions, so that Yiwu has become the first place to launch new products, cultural and creative curators." Yiwu City Cultural Goods Industry Association President Huang Changchao introduced the Association set up a stationery brand building service center is committed to promoting Yiwu stationery industry product upgrade, brand upgrade, industry transformation of the carrier and service platform. In addition, the platform also covers product design and development, IP empowerment, brand promotion, market promotion, business school training and other functions for the transformation and development of stationery enterprises in Yiwu to provide a full range of services, a package.

Today (July 4), 2022 Asia-Pacific Stationery Association Alliance video conference and 2022 Asia-Pacific Stationery Trade Development Forum will be held at the Yiwu Stationery Show through the Tencent conference platform. During the meeting, more than 30 stationery associations from the Asia-Pacific region will introduce each other since the epidemic around the industry development status, and how to promote trade between each other under the current situation to discuss.

In the future, Yiwu Stationery Fair will give full play to the advantages of the domestic super large-scale market, prosperous domestic economy, smooth domestic circulation, add momentum to the development of China's stationery industry, drive the development of industry enterprises, and build a new development pattern.

Source: China Economic News Network