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A "Brief History" of Staplers

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A "Brief History" of Staplers

Stapler, as the office supplies that can be touched at the touch of a hand on the desk, although unobtrusive, but plays an important role in our work. Installed staples, the stapler deformation area aligned with the edge of the paper, a pressure a put, the staples can make a pile of scattered, disorganized paper, it becomes a neat and orderly document. This binding method, convenient and fast, to help us solve a lot of problems in the office process, in its "peers" also has considerable advantages: compared to paper clips, stapled documents to be more secure, not easy to fall apart; compared to dovetail clips, staples take up less space, turning pages and writing are smoother.

Before the invention of the stapler, the traditional method of book binding was to sew the pages together according to a posting code. Since this method of binding was complicated and time-consuming, some bookbinders tried to use a small piece of bent wire for binding in order to reduce their workload.

Where there was demand, there was production. The stapler used by modern people can be traced back as far as 1868. At that time, an inventor named Charles Gould was granted a British patent for a wire stapler. This stapler required cutting the wire to a certain length, using the tip of the wire to force it through the paper and then folding it down. This type of binding laid the foundation for the modern stapling principle.

In 1869, Thomas Briggs of the United States invented a machine that could roll the wire and bend it into a U-shape and embed the staples in the paper. This machine is the prototype of the stapler that is commonly used today. Today, with the popularity and development of staplers, more and more types of staplers are appearing on the market. In addition to manual staplers, there are also electric staplers, of which, there are multiple staples in the electric stapler.

In the use of staplers, we need to pay attention to the amount of paper, generally speaking, ordinary staplers can be stapled to about 20 sheets of paper, in the case of too much paper, the stapling effect of the stapler may be weakened, and may lead to damage to the stapler.