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Advantages of glass partition of office furniture

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Advantages of glass partition of office furniture

Glass partition is a space separation solution, which uses glass to divide the space from the floor to the top, and then divide the middle space into separate functional areas one by one. It can not only realize the traditional space division function and achieve excellent results in daylighting, sound insulation and fire prevention, but also the glass partition can be reused, which is very convenient for installation and will not cause waste of resources. So, what are the advantages of glass partition?

1.Cost effective and reusable

It can be disassembled and reused, and the installation cost is cheaper than other materials. After use, the damage caused by material disassembly is small, which can minimize the relocation cost of office space. The internal structure is simple. Cables and various cables can be laid without drilling through the wall, and the replacement is also very convenient.

2.Green and pollution-free

The glass partition is green, pollution-free and free of formaldehyde pollutants. It can be used after installation. It does not need ventilation like the traditional partition. It can work immediately without waiting.

3.Good daylighting effect

According to different types of glass, different segmentation effects can be produced, which are transparent, concise and vivid. Colored art glass partition can give people a noble and elegant visual feeling, and create different space atmosphere through the light transmittance of glass. As a perfect partition design of office space, glass partition can skillfully divide the vast space into different functional areas, which can be said to be a necessary choice for home office.