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Always keep consumable office supplies

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Always keep consumable office supplies

There are many office supplies in the office. As an excellent purchaser, do you know what consumable office supplies need to be kept on hand? In fact, office supplies can be divided into consumable office supplies and durable office supplies, as well as particularly important office financial supplies.

Expendable office supplies are divided into two parts: (Department supplies and personal supplies)

Supplies required by the Department include:

Ink cartridge, optical disc, ink, toner, toner cartridge, binding clip, whiteboard pen, duplicate (write) printing paper, printing paper and fax paper.

Personal items include:

Notebook, ballpoint pen core, pencil, transparent glue, glue, eraser, correction fluid, letter paper, staples, double-sided adhesive, signature pen (core), paper clip.

Computer consumables (computer accessories, mouse, ink cartridge, printer ink, toner, toner cartridge, etc.)

Durable office supplies include:

Telephone, calculator, stapler, document column, folder, pen holder, punching machine, scissors, paper cutting knife, ruler, nail lifter.

Consumable office financial supplies include:

1) Manual bookkeeping: 1 Ledger (general ledger, Sub Ledger, journal, etc.) 2 Ruler, paper clip, pin 3 Subject seal, own name seal 4 Voucher (income voucher, expenditure voucher, transfer voucher) 5 Statements (income statement, balance sheet, etc.) 6 Pen (preferably the one dedicated to finance) 7 Ink (blue, black, red) 8 Abacus (now almost all use calculators) 9 The cashier needs all kinds of bank settlement vouchers (credit vouchers, telegraphic transfer vouchers, cheques, etc., which can be purchased from the bank). If conditions permit, the cashier can be equipped with a cash counter, etc. 10 other

2) Computer bookkeeping 1 Computer 2 Computer bookkeeping voucher Financial software 4 Pen 5 Ink (blue, black, red) 6 Calculator 7 Ruler, paper clip, pin 8 Own name stamp 9 The cashier needs all kinds of bank settlement vouchers (credit voucher, telegraphic transfer voucher, check, etc.)

The above is the summary of office supplies that are particularly easy to consume in the office. These are inseparable every day, so they need to be prepared frequently to avoid being in a hurry when necessary.