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Analyzing the Features of Plain Glass Whiteboards vs. Matte Glass Whiteboards

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Analyzing the Features of Plain Glass Whiteboards vs. Matte Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboard is a new type of writing board, using domestic safety and solid reinforced explosion-proof glass, and the use of multi-level computerized automatic baking paint and glass processing technology research and development made of outstanding texture, so that will office or residential decoration overall more bright and with a sense of fashion. Its evolutionary era is the initial blackboard to the magnetic green board to the now common magnetic whiteboard. The current glass whiteboard is usually toughened treatment, strength is several times higher than ordinary glass security, easy to write easy to sassafras, high-grade atmosphere.

The quality of the glass whiteboard than ordinary whiteboard to be strong, not easy to deform. As long as it is not artificially and intentionally destroyed, it can be used permanently, easy to write and easy to erase, the appearance is very nice, can increase the company's image.

Matte glass whiteboard board is first strengthened by high temperature, and then use nano-atomization technology to form a uniform microcrystalline structure on the glass surface effectively reduces the surface reflectivity, and further enhances the strength and hardness of the glass. The surface is delicate, high hardness, low reflectivity, smooth writing, easy to wipe, clear projection, good color reproduction, and excellent sensory effect. The impact resistance is two times that of ordinary glass; the surface hardness is Mo 7.5, which is 10% higher than that of ordinary glass and can resist scratching by sharp steel knives without leaving any trace; reflectivity: below 10%.

Ordinary glass whiteboard is easy to reflect in the large angle view, and compared with ordinary matte glass whiteboard, it is easier to wipe, and after a number of technical synthesis, its whiteness reached the world's whitest. So this new type of whiteboard is more popular since its launch.

Matte glass whiteboard can be used as a projection screen when using a projector, whether it is for briefing, teaching, etc. It is more effective. It can make the projection light source more cohesive, so that you no longer have the problem of insufficient light source, color defocusing, and unevenness of the screen when watching the film as in the traditional cloth screen, and can also save the cost of purchasing the projection screen.