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Anti gun violence protests in New York

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Anti gun violence protests in New York

In the past weekend, shootings occurred in many places in the United States, causing many casualties. Protests broke out again in New York City against gun violence.

According to US media reports on the 23rd local time, at least 28 people were shot in Chicago over the past weekend, one of them died. At least 18 shootings have occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, killing six people. On the 22nd local time, two shootings occurred in a small town in South Carolina, killing four teenagers. According to local police, there was some connection between the two shootings, and one victim in the second case was interrogated in the first case.

The continuous gun violence in the United States has triggered large-scale protests. On the 22nd local time, a large number of people gathered on the streets of Brooklyn, New York City to protest against gun violence and commemorate the victims. Protesters held slogans such as "stop gun violence", "stop killing and violence, let's live in peace" and asked the government to take action to deal with gun violence.

Source: CCTV news client