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Application of intelligent security system in life

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Application of intelligent security system in life

Today, when mankind has entered the 21st century, the concept of security is no longer the patent of important national departments, institutions and important protection units such as finance, culture and Museum. It has been widely used in daily life, especially in our families. With the increase of residents' economic income, the improvement of living conditions and quality, and the increase of the elderly and children at home, residents' safety has been widely concerned.

With the rapid development of economy and the rapid increase of urban population, the increase of theft, burglary and other events has had a great impact on people's stable life. At the same time, the pace of modern life is getting faster and faster. In addition to busy work, such as looking after the elderly, children and pets, many young people have no time to take care of them. These problems are common to modern families.

Briefly introduce how the intelligent security system will play its function to protect your and my home.

1. Anti intrusion system - all-round intelligent security protection

Once the smart door lock is opened, the alarm signal will be sent to the owner immediately. You can remotely and in real time view the food situation in the porch and living room at the app end or wechat end of your mobile phone; Someone is close to the balcony of the living room, and the infrared intrusion detector senses it. You can get the alarm signal through your mobile phone and view the video of the living room remotely and in real time; At the same time, the audible and visual alarm sounds to intimidate intruders and attract the attention of external personnel.

Door and window magnetic detector: once a stranger pushes the door open and the door and window magnetic monitoring detects that the door is open, you can receive the alarm information on the mobile phone, and can link the audible and visual alarm or the property system to deal with the problem.

2. Personal safety system of family members - care of love

Install emergency buttons at the head of parents' bed, bathroom and other frequently active areas, or carry them with you. Once an emergency occurs, parents just need to press the emergency button at hand, you can immediately get the distress signal and ask the nearest rescue for help in time. At the same time, the camera can be turned on and the mobile phone can pay attention to the situation in real time.

3. Danger control system

Combustible gas leakage alarm processing system

If the combustible gas leakage detector detects the occurrence of combustible gas leakage, while sending the alarm information to the mobile phone remotely, the linkage manipulator will quickly close the gas valve and open the window for ventilation, and can be connected with the community property system to send the alarm information to the property at the first time.

Water leakage alarm system

A water immersion detector is placed on the floor of the toilet and kitchen. In case of water leakage, the mobile phone can receive the alarm information at the first time, and the water immersion detector can also be linked with the intelligent water valve to close the water valve.