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Are Glass Whiteboards Worth Buying?

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Are Glass Whiteboards Worth Buying?

As a new type of writing board, glass whiteboards are made of safe tempered glass. The improvements started from the original blackboard to the current magnetic green board to the current ordinary magnetic whiteboard. In the renewal of writing board, it is popular in the stationery market for its smooth, durable and easy to write and erase features.

Cost-effective glass whiteboard can be used as long as it is not intentionally damaged. Commercial, indoor teaching, home graffiti, store billboards and even wall profiles glass backdrops ...... Convenient and easy to install glass whiteboards can decorate any indoor or outdoor wall as long as you have the need.

However, even though glass whiteboards have been around in the flat panel market for a long time, some users still have a lot of questions about glass whiteboards. There are still many such questions, but if you understand the process of making Orange Mind Glass whiteboards, you will find that there is no need to worry about its quality at all. Glass whiteboards are usually made of high-security, explosion-proof glass reinforcement. The advanced multi-stage computerized automatic baking and glass processing technology makes it stronger in quality. In addition, Orange Mind uses a tempering process in the production of the glass whiteboard, which allows it to form a compressive stress layer on the glass surface with a compressive strength of 125mpa or more. Even if you throw a steel ball of about 2kg at the glass whiteboard from a height of 1.2m, it will not change.

The difference between glass whiteboards and ordinary whiteboards is that they are easy to write and erase, and even after tens of thousands of erasures, the surface remains smooth as new. Glass whiteboards can be easily erased without repeated use of whiteboard cleaning solution. Tempered glass material makes the surface less susceptible to deformation and aging. Bright, clean, scribble-free, smooth and durable glass whiteboard will accompany you through spring and autumn. Of course, if you remember to do simple maintenance while using the glass whiteboard, its texture can be longer and brighter.