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Are glass whiteboards more fragile?

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Are glass whiteboards more fragile?

Glass whiteboard as a new type of writing board, material using safety tempered glass, improvements began with the original blackboard to the magnetic green board to the now common magnetic whiteboard, in the renewal of the writing board with a smooth and durable and easy to write and erase the characteristics of the popular cultural supplies market. The cost-effective glass whiteboard can be used permanently as long as it is not intentionally damaged. Business office, indoor teaching, family graffiti, store signage and even wall profiles glass backdrop... ... As long as you have a need, the convenient and easy to install glass whiteboard can decorate any indoor or outdoor wall.

Are glass whiteboards more fragile?

A customer left a comment: I want to install a glass whiteboard in the company aisle to write notices, but because people in the company are more active, I worry that this glass whiteboard will break because of physical collision?

There are many more questions such as these, but if you understand the process of making glass whiteboards, you will find yourself not worrying about their quality at all. Glass whiteboards are usually made of high-security reinforced explosion-proof glass, and the advanced multi-stage computerized automatic baking paint and glass processing process makes its quality more solid. And Orange Mind also uses a toughening process in the manufacturing process of glass whiteboards, so that it forms a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass, and its compressive strength can reach more than 125mpa. Even if you put a steel ball weighing about 2 pounds from a height of 1.2m and hit the glass whiteboard hard, it can stay intact.

What is the service life of glass whiteboard?

The advantage of glass whiteboards over ordinary whiteboards is that they are easy to write and erase, even if you erase them tens of thousands of times, the surface will remain smooth as new. Orange Mind glass whiteboard can be easily erased without repeated use of whiteboard cleaning solution, tempered glass material makes the surface has the characteristics of not easily deformed and anti-aging, bright, neat, no pen marks, smooth and durable glass whiteboard will accompany you through the spring and autumn. Of course, if you use the glass whiteboard at the same time remember to carry out simple maintenance, its texture can be more long bright.

Can glass whiteboard be used as a projection screen?

The answer is yes, the glass whiteboard can be used as a projection screen. When using a projector, the presence of some glass whiteboards can give you a better visual effect for meetings or teaching. For example, Orange Mind's glass whiteboard can make the projection light source more cohesive, so that you can watch the film without the problems of insufficient light source, out-of-focus color, uneven curtain, etc. affecting the meeting process or teaching effect.