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Are glass whiteboards thin? Can't be erased?

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Are glass whiteboards thin? Can't be erased?

A customer message said: I experienced a glass whiteboard smooth wiping effect, want to install a piece of home study, not only can wipe decorative study, but also do not have to worry about the daily use of falling down to hurt people. Will the glass whiteboard break and hurt people in daily use?

Glass whiteboard is a kind of whiteboard, made of 3C explosion-proof tempered glass, coated with white glaze. As a new type of writing board, its outstanding features are hard material, easy to write, easy to erase, and durable.

Ordinary glass whiteboard is good to write and erase, but easy to reflect. The front side looks like a mirror, especially in a larger space. Because of the angle of reflection, people on one side can't see the words on the other side at all, which is uncomfortable for the eyes, so it can't be used for projection. The glare reflected from the front side would be unbearable to the eyes. To avoid this phenomenon, the glass surface is nano-fogged and combined with imaging technology to reduce its reflectivity and improve projection clarity, so it is now called frosted projection glass whiteboard.

In the manufacturing process of glass whiteboards, a tempering process is added. A compressive stress layer is formed on the surface of the glass, and the compressive strength can reach more than 125mpa. When measured by the steel ball method, a 0.8kg steel ball is dropped from a height of 1.2m and the glass can remain intact.

Glass whiteboard as a new type of writing whiteboard, the thickness is 4-8mm, and the color is usually white board. Compared with ordinary whiteboards, easy to write and easy to erase, tens of thousands of times after friction smooth as new, except for human damage, can be used for a long time.

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