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Are security doors and screens not commonly installed in American homes?

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Are security doors and screens not commonly installed in American homes?

These years American dramas are quite hot in China, when watching American dramas we can easily find that American homes are rarely equipped with security doors, security windows and other similar protective measures. From the data show that not installed security doors and windows of the family occupies about 95% of the country, is the United States is really so safe?

With curiosity, I consulted a friend who had studied in the United States.

It is reported that the U.S. housing prices and security is inseparable, if everyone installed security doors and windows, back to give people an idea that the security here is not good, thus leading to a decline in housing prices. Therefore, no one wants to have a problem with their own house and suppress their own house price. Also if neighbors do not install security doors and windows, many people are not aware of this.

Second, the American view of consumption is very different from the domestic.

In China, the working class is the main consumer, saving money is what every family is doing. In the U.S., it is the opposite. There is a saying among American students that people who go to the supermarket with $100 to spend are basically newly arrived international students. The U.S. advocates the consumer concept of spending first and earning later, so it leads to less family savings and less cash in the house to wind up with. Therefore, unless the crime is premeditated, the return on entering the market to steal or rob is very low.

The other thing is that the American people legally carry guns. For criminals, unless it is premeditated, it is difficult for criminals to know whether the owner has a firearm, in case the pinch is not allowed, this risk is too big! Especially now that the vast majority of gun-owning households in the United States will buy concealed gun cabinets to store their guns, many unexpected furniture or corners may be a large gun organizer.

But then again, not installing security doors and windows is the same as not doing security?

Unlike us, many single-family homes in the United States will buy and install a security system (home security system). This system is directly connected to the community security department and the police department, once the doors and windows are opened abnormally, security guards and police uncles will be the first to be notified, to the thief to a stolen and captured!