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Beautiful and practical office supplies bring you a sense of ritual at work

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Beautiful and practical office supplies bring you a sense of ritual at work

As the pace of life becomes faster and faster, people will put their main focus on what they think is important, so they choose to give up and choose to settle on many small things.

For example, a breakfast, will not sit quietly to eat, but wolf two minutes to solve; and for example, clothes, will not be attentive to match, but haphazardly cope. Maybe you have a reason for being in such a hurry, but it's just a choice in the end. So, life is getting rougher and rougher in this perfunctory, more and more hurried and no fun.

The current office workers are busy in the office almost all day, a small desk, and a few common office supplies, constitute their own world.

Sitting alone on one side, but connected to the world. Work needs to be in good shape, and the work environment is enough to affect the mood of the whole day good or bad. Many companies do not pay attention to the construction of office supplies, but simply purchase a number of to use. In fact, bits and pieces of office supplies are small details in the work atmosphere of employees. It is the details are most likely to leave an impression, but also the most likely to develop a person's habits.

Ogilvy is a company that pays a lot of attention to corporate culture.

They will design many peripheral products into the life of employees, such as mugs with corporate logos, tote bags, notepads, candy, T-shirts, etc. Many employees who left Ogilvy & Mather said that in their subsequent employment, they have never met a company with such a meticulous corporate culture as Ogilvy & Mather, which makes people miss it.

Corporate office supplies represent the company's care for its employees, and can to a certain extent affect the enthusiasm of employees. People usually have the idea of returning the favor, so when companies can design office supplies with care, so that employees have a strong sense of belonging and a sense of access, and then put two hundred percent to work, is not very valuable thing?

Office supplies usually include envelopes, letterheads, sticky notes, business cards, work cards, folders, memos, information bags, etc.. Office supplies should not only focus on practicality, but also focus on the sense of design. Whether it is the size of the specifications or material, it can reflect the quality. For example, the design of business cards, the choice of materials generally have coated paper, PVC, printing processes are laminated, UV, hot stamping, perforation, embossing, etc.. Different materials and processes will give people a different feeling. There is a question on Zhihu: "Why do people need to have a sense of ritual".

There is a highly praised answer is as follows: ritual for each ordinary day and action, marked it behind the spiritual connotation. The sun rises and sets in the east and west every day, like a repetition. But for us, every day is a new day, full of hope, and we can do a lot of things. So, we punch in at work, list our work plan for the day on a sticky note, and send and receive documents with the company logo one after another in the meantime. When you see the logo, you can feel the growth together with it, then the day is full of no regrets. The ritual for us, solemn and meaningful, it is enough to make the ordinary day also radiates the light. Do you believe it?