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Characteristics of creative home

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Characteristics of creative home

Creative home refers to household products that integrate fashion and personalized pursuit in appearance design in addition to meeting the practical functions of the product itself. The product moves people with its unique design and integrates the innovation and Inspiration of designers. It meets people's high requirements for living environment and quality of life. The charm of creative and fashionable home can relieve some of the pressure in life and increase the fun of life and work.

1. The core theme of creative household products is "creativity". Not ordinary. Pots and pans can be seen everywhere in the streets and in your homes. Conventional household products have existed in your home for many years. People pay attention to their practicability, and creative household products should not only better meet this practicability, but also have creative points and flash points in appearance, function and other aspects.

2. The birth of each creative household product has the efforts and Inspiration of the designer, and there are many artistic things hidden in it. There are few design elements of traditional household products, which is basically the case anyway, but there are some small differences in size, color and so on.

3. Creative household products mainly use cartoons, toys and other forms as carriers to express some interesting shapes or the performance of some classic stories. It is deeply loved by young people with humorous and funny modeling.

4. Creative household products are generally made of lightweight and environmentally friendly materials. Organic materials are used more, non-toxic and tasteless, and high-end creative household products also use a lot of high-tech new materials.

5. Creative household products emphasize the combination of functions. Many of them have multiple functions, integrating ornamental and practical.

6. Creative household products are rare in the market. The main reason is that its design and production process is relatively special, and the design work accounts for a lot of weight, so it will not be popular in the market.

7. In comparison, the price of creative household products is slightly higher than that of traditional household products. This is mainly due to the high cost of their design and production, small production and limited sales.

8. The main consumer groups of creative household products are urban people aged 10-40. Friends at this stage have cutting-edge ideas, strong curiosity, high requirements for the living environment and pursue fashion. More importantly, friends at this stage are usually the most economically powerful and don't care about spending money to decorate their homes.