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Characteristics of office furniture made of different materials

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Characteristics of office furniture made of different materials

At present, there are many kinds of office furniture in the sales market, which can be divided into office furniture, document cabinet, dormitory bed, screen partition tooling fixture and display according to their functions; According to its raw materials, it can be divided into: solid wood (solid) furniture, panel furniture, leather furniture, cloth curtain furniture, steel furniture and mixed wood furniture.

1.Solid wood office furniture

All actors are made of wood, only a small amount of wood-based panels and other auxiliary materials are applicable. Solid wood furniture is generally mortise structure, that is, fixed structure. At this stage, there are two kinds of solid wood furniture in the sales market. One is pure solid wood furniture. All the materials of furniture are solid wood. This kind of furniture has strong expressiveness and high appreciation space.

The other is as like as two peas. The appearance, touch and color of wood are exactly the same as those of solid wood furniture, but office furniture is actually mixed with solid wood and artificial board, and the value of use is far away from that of steel solid wood furniture. Naturally, solid wood furniture is also its defect. For example, solid wood often has a certain water content. When the external temperature, environmental humidity and natural environment change, the water content will also change relatively, which may lead to the deformation of furniture.

2.Leather furniture

The epidermis is made of pure natural small animal leather products. Now the leather furniture on the market should be more common with cloth sofa, tables and chairs, giving people a sense of atmosphere and luxury. Cowhide has the characteristics of softness, ductility, perseverance, wear resistance and air permeability. It is a furniture material that is very easy to maintain. However, due to the different leather types, positions and treatment processes of office furniture, leather products show different hand feelings, which will be soft as chemical fiber, strong and firm. Therefore, office furniture shows that leather products are raw materials with high ductility.

3.Steel furniture

The position of the behavior subject is made of steel raw materials. Such as iron frame bed, iron sheet filing cabinet, iron table, etc. it is firm and durable, has large bearing capacity, and has great coordination ability. It is convenient for loading, unloading and handling. Office furniture can meet the needs of customers in various fields.

4.Panel furniture

All the main components of the behavior are made of composite board, man-made board, plywood, woodworking board and medium density board designed by surface decoration, and the lower column of very few commodities is made of solid wood. Because of the shortage of wood resources in China, panel furniture is the mainstream product of furniture in today's sales market, and most of office furniture is of disassembly structure. The key of panel furniture is wood paper all ceramic veneer, solid wood all ceramic veneer and spraying.

5.Cloth curtain furniture

It refers to furniture covered with wool, linen, cotton, chemical fiber and other textile fabrics. Cloth curtain furniture is mostly dominated by cloth sofa and cloth bed. Cloth curtain furniture office furniture has simple fashion trend, elegant modeling design, bright colors, harmonious colors and mild sense of hierarchy, which has produced a light and cheerful atmosphere for everyone's life and is favored by customers.

6.Mixed wood office furniture

It refers to office furniture made of a mixture of metal materials, plastics, laminated glass, marble, rattan, bamboo, wood and other raw materials.