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Conditions for legal purchase of firearms in the United States

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Conditions for legal purchase of firearms in the United States

In the United States, private ownership of guns is allowed by law, but not everyone can buy and hold guns at will. For example, foreign students studying in the United States are not allowed to buy and hold guns.

The identity of the gun buyer must meet one of the following three conditions:

1. Have U.S. citizenship

2. Have a US green card

3. Have a legal U.S. non immigrant visa and a hunter license

In addition, the age of legal gun buyers must be over 18 years old. Buying guns for others is a felony, punishable by ten years in prison and a fine of $250000.

Guns can be bought in Walmart, bass proshops physical stores and online stores in the United States. Physical or online stores selling guns must hold a federal firearms license (FFL). Online guns are not sent home like ordinary goods. Buyers must choose a physical store with FFL. After the guns are sent to the physical store, the buyer will pick up the guns from the physical store.

U.S. federal law requires that whoever buys a gun in a physical store or online store must fill out form 4473 and accept the necessary background review. If the conditions for purchasing a gun cannot be met, he will be rejected. Fill out one form 4473 and you can only buy one gun. If you want to buy more than one, you have to fill out multiple forms 4473. The FBI is responsible for background checks. The contents of form 4473 include the basic information of the gun buyer, whether there is a criminal record, whether there is a court restriction order, whether he is an illegal immigrant, whether he is an actual buyer, etc. Gun model.

In the United States, there are two ways to carry a gun: one is to carry it openly, and the other is to carry it secretly. Not all guns can be carried out. Some guns can only be put at home or in the car. Put it at home, but also in a box or cabinet, withdraw the chamber, lock it, and open the magazine. If you put it in the car, you should also put the gun in the central console, glove box or trunk, which is not easy to get. Withdraw the gun, lock it, and open the magazine. Even if you can go out and carry a gun, you can't carry a gun in many places, such as schools, casinos, governments, police stations, etc.

Different types of guns have different uses. Shotgun is the best defensive weapon for families living in independent houses. Because of its short range, large defense area and small penetration, it is considered to be the most traditional and common family defense weapon. Pistols are easy to carry and hide and are usually used for personal self-defense. Pistols are relatively easy to learn and use. Many Americans choose pistols for self-defense. Semi automatic rifle is the most powerful weapon that ordinary residents can hold. It is not suitable to be used as a family self-defense gun. Because this kind of gun has high requirements for users, improper use of ammunition may hurt neighbors.