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Creative office supplies double office efficiency

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Creative office supplies double office efficiency

Life is not only poetry and distance, but also endless show and sharing in the ticket circle. Bask in beautiful scenery and delicious food, and friends travel every three or five times, while we hard-working office workers can only live a gyro like life between two points and one line. From nine to five in the morning, facing the messy desk and seemingly boundless work, I couldn't lift my spirit.

However, there is a good saying, "the city is crowded, the work can not be done, but the salary and performance are their own". In the long run, the bitter years at present may bring us harvest in the future. Living or living, in fact, lies in one thought. Without blue sky and sea, you can also have your own beautiful scenery. For example, one of his desks is the battlefield of his hard work. Adding some creative and practical small objects and a comfortable environment may make you feel good and double your efficiency.

Bull intelligent cube arrangement
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The bull intelligent plug-in adopts the most popular modular concept at present. The three-dimensional integrated structure can make rational use of space, and the plugs do not interfere with each other. The USB jack can automatically identify the model, intelligently distribute the current intensity required by the output device, and charge quickly without damaging the device, so as to make every power consumption in the office feel at ease.

Ostrich pillow
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After a hard morning, I can't stop yawning after lunch. In order not to affect the work efficiency in the afternoon, many office workers have to take a nap on their desks. But to be honest, sleeping on your desk in the morning is really not a good idea. It not only oppresses the respiratory tract, but also causes shoulder and neck pain.

Office conditions are limited and there is no temporary bed available. You might as well use the ostrich pillow! Its design is inspired by the way the ostrich buries its head in the sand. It is made of soft and light natural cotton. There is a vent in its mouth, so it won't feel muggy when it is put on its head. The fully enclosed design blocks the light and forms a closed environment for users to help you quickly enter sleep. Whether lying or leaning, the soft compartment can shield you from some hard discomfort.