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Details to keep in mind for brush maintenance

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Details to keep in mind for brush maintenance

It is also very important to maintain a good pen once you have it. Start a new pen, the first must open the pen. Buy the pen to "warm water" soak, and not too long to soak the water, to the pen blade "full open" can be, do not make the pen root gel also open, otherwise it will become "fall hair pen", the The hair is easy to fall off. Purple hair is hard, it is advisable to dip in water for more time.

Run the pen is a necessary work before writing, you can not take the pen a dip in ink to write. The method is to first wet the brush hair with water, and then lift it up, but not for long, so as not to melt the glue of the pen root. After that, the pen is hung upside down until the brush regains its toughness, which takes about ten minutes. The pen must be dry when preserved, and if it is written without moistening the pen, the hairs will become brittle and easily broken by the heavy press, and the elasticity is not good.

Only after that can you start writing, and there is a lot to learn about the "inking" process. In order to seek uniformity and to enable the ink to penetrate into the brush, the water must be absorbed and dried first, and the pen can be dragged lightly on the absorbent paper until it is dry. The so-called "dry", not completely dry, as long as the water to allow the ink can be. "The pen of the ink three points, shall not be deep immersion to the hair weak and feeble", less ink is too dry, can not run freely, more ink is waist up weak, are not good.

After writing, it is necessary to wash the pen immediately. Ink has a gel, if not washed away, the pen will dry with ink, gel solid adhesion, to be used again when it is not easy to open, and very easy to break the pen brush.

After washing, dry and smooth out the remaining water from the brush hairs (as before entering the ink). Hang the brush on a stand to allow the water to continue dripping until dry. Care should be taken to keep the brush in a cool place to preserve its original shape and characteristics, and not to expose it to sunlight. The key to preserving a pen is to keep it dry.