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Did you know about these easily overlooked home security hazards?

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Did you know about these easily overlooked home security hazards?

Summer is a high season for children's accidental injuries, and the safest and most reliable home always hides a crisis. What are the easily ignored safety hazards in the home? How to keep children away from hidden dangers and develop a good sense of safety? Let's learn.

1. Balcony windows

The balcony window is a high incidence of high fall accidents. Parents should watch over their young children and avoid leaving them alone at home. Do not pile up debris or place chairs in the balcony window to avoid children climbing. Families with conditions can be installed in the window guardrails, protective nets, etc., not to let the window in a completely open state.

2. Socket plug

Exposed sockets and wires are prone to leakage accidents. Try to choose a narrow and long jack socket or safety belt insurance stopper safety socket. Do not put the socket in the place where the child can reach, and put it away in time after use. If the wire is aging, be sure to replace it in time.

3. Household appliances

Improper use of household appliances can lead to explosions, electrocution, suffocation and other accidents. Teach children to recognize the use of various household appliances and tell them not to touch them at will. Easy to fall household appliances should be placed out of the reach of children. After using household appliances, please put them away in time.

4. Simple furniture

Unstable furniture can easily lead to accidents, sharp furniture is easy for children to bruise. Families with children shopping for furniture to choose a solid structure, green, quality and safety standards of furniture. If you use simple movable furniture, install safety brackets to prevent tipping. The top of the furniture is strictly prohibited to rest on heavy objects. Try to choose rounded corner furniture, if the furniture with sharp corners, it is recommended to use the bumper, bumper corner wrap up.

5. Small fragmented objects

More than 85% of children accidentally swallowed, accidentally eaten in the home. Small objects such as melons, buttons, pins, etc. should be placed out of sight or reach of children to avoid accidentally taking them. Instill in children the awareness of not to eat indiscriminately. Vacuum the entire house from time to time to clean up small, hard-to-find items. When buying toys should also be more careful, not to have small removable parts.

6. All kinds of ropes

Children are easy to play with rope entangled in the body, if parents do not find in time, may lead to choking. Parents should tell their children the dangers of rope, do not give them free play. Put the curtain rope, wires, extension cords and other rope-like items, put away in a place where children can not touch, can be tied high or use storage items.

7. Expired food

Expired and spoiled food often contains a large number of bacteria, which can easily induce food poisoning. Parents should regularly clean up snacks, fruits and drinks at home and pay attention to the shelf life and storage conditions of food to prevent children from accidentally eating them. Teach your children to recognize the shelf life of foods and tell them which foods are safe to eat.

8. Kitchen

Kitchens are prone to fires, gas poisoning, burns and other accidents. Do not allow younger children to enter the kitchen, and older children should be aware of the dangers of items before helping in the kitchen, and do not use kitchen appliances or gas stove switches alone. Parents should put away all kinds of items after using the kitchen, do not put them in places where children can see and reach. Clean up water or oil stains on the floor in time to avoid children slipping.