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Disposable pen refills count as white pollution

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Disposable pen refills count as white pollution

"Discarded disposable refills are becoming another major pollutant after plastic bags and used batteries." A recent report has caught the public's attention. In daily life, on employees' desks and students' school bags, unisex pens can be found everywhere. After using a refill, many people mostly throw it into the trash, yet how many people realize how much pollution this neglected pollutant brings, and that disposable refills have become white pollution.

Neutral pen writing medium viscosity between water-based and oil-based, it has the advantages of both tap pens and ballpoint pens, comfortable writing feel, ink viscosity is low, and add an easy to lubricate the substance. Since the introduction of the neutral pen, it has quickly seized the original market share of fountain pens, becoming the most popular writing tool.

According to visits, each stationery store in the neutral pen, refills are hot products, the price of each of these refills between 0.5-2 yuan, the price is more affordable. According to a stationery store owner, fountain pens these years to buy fewer and fewer people, the sales of neutral pens is tens of times the sales of fountain pens, gradually, neutral pens may have to replace the traditional fountain pen. Many students believe that neutral pens are cheaper and easier to carry and clean to use. Some students say that on average, they use one gel pen every week.

However, many people do not realize that the refills they throw away are "white pollution". In an interview with 20 college students, 19 of them said they generally throw away their refills after using them, not realizing that they can also pollute the environment, and only one student said he would collect them. Xiao Pan, who studied chemistry, said that although he understood that it would pollute the environment, there were no specific measures to solve the problem, and they could not keep it. It is understood that the main material used to manufacture refills and sleeves for neutral pens is polystyrene or modified polystyrene, both known for their resistance to aging and corrosion.

When disposable refills are treated as garbage, they are difficult to decompose under natural conditions for hundreds of years unless strict garbage separation is implemented or incineration is carried out. In addition, refills contain volatile substances, excess ink, floating grease and other pollutants, which can also cause soil and water pollution when discarded at will.

Now the environmental pollution problem is still not optimistic, white pollution has been plastic bags and discarded batteries, now the environment can no longer allow other things that have been discarded to become pollution, I hope there are effective measures to deal with these discarded pen refills.