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Erasable gel pen has a bright future

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Erasable gel pen has a bright future

Modern people have more and more writing tools, but there is no way to avoid mistakes. Which student has no correction fluid and correction tape in his schoolbag or on his desk? But these products are slowly eroding people's health! Let's take a look at the composition analysis of the correction fluid:

Correction fluid is really harmful, because it is a chemical compound, which is more harmful. First of all, paraxylene can cause long-term chronic harm to the liver and kidney after long-term use, and even a few children will cause symptoms such as leukaemia. Secondly, there are a variety of halides, including dichloroethane, trichloroethane, tetrachloroethane, etc. these compounds have obvious irritation to the eyes. Regular use will cause tears and redness of the eyes, and some will cause nausea, vomiting, discomfort, and even some more serious long-term harm. Quick drying is an advantage of the correction fluid, because it contains highly volatile organic hydrocarbons, Because of this, it will cause more obvious damage to children's five senses and strengthen its toxic penetration.

Nowadays, a lot of environmental friendly correction fluids have sprung up in the market. Is such correction fluid really safe? Some of the environmentally friendly correction fluids are really well done, but even such correction fluids still contain toxic components. Therefore, it should be said that the use of correction fluids will inevitably cause a certain degree of harm. Even for environmentally friendly correction fluid, consumers also need to be vigilant and careful. In many supermarkets and stationery stores, our reporters also found that most correction fluids are nominally imported products, but there is no Chinese logo, let alone the warning words "children should not touch". Relevant people also believe that the correction fluid used for a long time may produce a psychological dependence, especially for children. Moreover, now that we know that it is a harmful substance, we should stay away from it, which also helps children form the good habit of being serious and careful since childhood.

The chloroalkanes contained in the correction fluid not only damage the health of users, but also cause serious environmental pollution. The vapor of chloroalkanes mixed into the air endangers people's health and plant growth. In addition, abandoned empty bottles of correction fluid, if not collected and treated, will also increase environmental pollution. Primary and middle school students are the directors of the future of society. Protecting the environment means protecting our own future. We have the responsibility to protect our earth home. Therefore, we should pay more attention to life and environmental protection, and avoid using products harmful to health and polluting the environment.