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Four development trends of office stationery industry

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Four development trends of office stationery industry

With the development of China's stationery industry, the stationery industry is becoming more and more mature. While expanding the scale, the technical level of the industry has also been greatly improved. However, compared with Europe, America, Japan and other countries, there is a certain gap in manufacturing technology, process design, product development and so on. However, from the development trend of stationery in recent years, we can see that the overall development of stationery has improved, which is mainly reflected in the four classification trends of stationery development:

1. networking of stationery and office supplies

2. students' stationery is more concise and practical: the theme of simplicity and generosity is timeless, as is the design of stationery products. Relatively speaking, European and American countries prefer products with simplicity more than Asian countries. Therefore, it can be seen that export stationery is too concise compared with domestic stationery. However, with the development of the industry, the preferences of domestic customers for product design are also changing gradually. They are used to all kinds of Fancy Stationery. The fashionable and small freshness of simple and practical stationery has also quickly won the hearts of customers.

3. office stationery is gradually upgraded

Cultural goods are gifts among scholars, and valuable cultural goods are favored by collectors. As gifts or collectibles, they are valuable and high-grade stationery. Therefore, office stationery is gradually approaching the "tall" direction in the change.

4. creative stationery becomes more and more toy oriented

It is not difficult to find that stationery is a toy. When visiting the market, a wide range of personalized stationery are very distinctive, such as small umbrella shape correction tape, pill writing pen, or beer bottle appearance glue. All kinds of personalized stationery are eye-catching. They are absolutely "lethal" to children, so they are very popular in the market.

In addition, according to a recent survey, more than 60% of consumers say they like personalized and fashionable stationery. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, green and low-carbon stationery is also favored by the majority of consumers, which points out the development direction for stationery enterprises in the future. This also puts forward higher and more development requirements for stationery suppliers, which has a great driving force for the development of the industry.