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Four major trends in office stationery

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Four major trends in office stationery

With the development of China's stationery industry, the stationery supplies industry is becoming increasingly mature, and the technical level of the industry has been greatly improved while expanding the scale. However, compared with Europe, America, Japan and other countries, there are certain gaps in manufacturing technology, process design, product development and so on. From the development trend of stationery in recent years can be seen in the overall development of stationery has improved, mainly in stationery four major classification trends.

1, stationery office supplies network. Technology covers all aspects of life, but also reflected in the office supplies.

2, student stationery more simple and practical. The theme of simplicity and generosity is never out of fashion, in stationery product design is also the case. Relatively speaking, Europe and the United States for the product simplicity of the degree of favor than Asian countries.

3, office stationery gradually high-grade intelligent. Cultural goods have as a gift from the literati to each other, valuable cultural goods are favored by collectors. Whether as gifts or collectibles, are valuable, high-grade stationery, so office stationery is gradually changing in the direction of "high" close.

4, creative stationery more and more toy-oriented. Daily life is not difficult to find, visit the market, a wide range of personalized stationery are very distinctive, stylized correction tape, or pills writing pen, or beer bottle appearance glue. Various types of personalized stationery eye-catching, this type of stationery for small children is very "lethal", and therefore very popular in the market.

In addition, according to a recent survey, more than 60% of consumers said they like personalized fashion stationery, and with the increased demand for environmental protection, green and low-carbon stationery is also favored by the majority of consumers. In short, the future of stationery will present a fashionable appearance, functional diversification, structural hierarchy, grade diversification. These in the future of stationery companies pointed out the direction of development, but also stationery suppliers put forward higher and more development requirements.

Multidimensional selection of a number of exhibitions to visit, and manufacturers, brands more communication, is an important way to quickly and comprehensively understand the product trends, choose the right product, you can choose to participate in the appropriate exhibition according to their needs.

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