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Function introduction of smart home security system

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Function introduction of smart home security system

Nowadays, more and more people want to transform their home into a smart home. In this way, when they go out, people don't have to worry about thieves at home, and people can do things at ease. This is also the most common smart home security system. The following describes the basic functions of smart home security system.

Emergency button: emergency button is a quick and simple way for help. In case of fire or emergency, it can trigger the button to request rescue. In the home security system, this emergency button can be either an entity button or replaced by a touch panel. The emergency button sends the signal to the home automation or building management system, and the property or security center can receive the alarm notice. It is not common to install an emergency button at home, but this emergency button is especially suitable for families with elderly and children at home. Therefore, the button should be installed beside the bed, toilet and places easy to trigger.

Automatic alarm and "SOS": detect illegal intrusion through sensors installed at home. When the sensor is triggered, the alarm host will also send an alarm whistle to remind of abnormal phenomena, and the alarm signal will also be sent to the property department through the home terminal or building management system. After receiving the alarm, the monitoring center and property security personnel can call the police immediately or check the situation at home to prevent accidents.

Alarm and event management: when the head of household leaves home, the family security alarm system will start automatically and be in the "war ready" state at all times. Alarm event management is that when the alarm is triggered in the household, the alarm type will be displayed through the terminal control system, such as door and window alarm, gas alarm and even the possibility of elderly falling to the ground alarm.

Automatic dialing notification system: intelligent control security system in intelligent building, which allows users to set multiple emergency contact numbers. Triggering different types of alarms can contact different people, and users can also set up the alarm system to send the alarm information to the mobile phone by pushing. This automatic remote alarm notification is very common in the family security system.