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Glass whiteboard installation methods and advantages and disadvantages

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Glass whiteboard installation methods and advantages and disadvantages

Whiteboard installation instructions: Fixed magnetic whiteboards are generally installed in three ways.

Direct hanging installation method: Hang the nails on the wall and then hang the whiteboard.

Advantages: easy to install

Disadvantages: easy to deformation off.

Perforated installation method: punch holes in the whiteboard frame and nail it to the wall with nails.

Advantages: easy to install

Disadvantages: damage to the frame, detrimental to the aesthetic.

Invisible installation method: first fix the L-shaped mounting nails on the wall, then fit the whiteboard into the range determined by the L-shaped mounting nails, after which the whiteboard is fixed to the L-shaped mounting nails.

Advantages: firm, no deformation, no damage to the frame.

Disadvantages: installation is troublesome, time-consuming and expensive.

Ordinary whiteboards do not have a long service life: they turn black after a period of use and font marks are difficult to wipe off. Professional cleaning water is needed to clean it. The quality of glass whiteboards is stronger than ordinary whiteboards, and they are not easily deformed. But ordinary whiteboards are relatively cheap. As long as the glass whiteboard is not damaged, it can be used for a long time. It is easy to write and wipe, and it looks beautiful and can enhance the image of your company. Glass writing board is really erasable writing board. Even after writing tens of thousands of times, the glass board is smooth as a mirror and clear and clean.

Glass whiteboards allow for instant storage of board writing. Any text, graphics or inserted images written on the whiteboard can be saved to a hard drive or mobile storage device for use in the next class, the next school year or another class, or shared with other teachers; distributed to students in electronic format, or printed out for after-class review, or used as a refresher. The use of glass whiteboard technology allows for instant, easy and flexible attraction of various types of digital information resources, and the flexibility to edit, organize, display and control multimedia materials. It makes the presentation of digital resources more flexible and solves the problem of highly solidified structure of teaching materials in the past multimedia projection system environment using courseware and slide lectures.