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Global Office Supplies-Sustainable Products Still a Big Trend

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Global Office Supplies-Sustainable Products Still a Big Trend

The explosion of the sproutworld planted pencil on the TikTok platform actually reflects the shift in consumer trends toward environmentally sustainable product purchases in recent years, with millennials making the biggest change.

The data shows that 58% of the 27 to 32 year olds say they are willing to buy environmentally friendly products, while the 23 to 26 year olds say they agree to consciously consider sustainability when shopping, and 78% of them say they want brands to make their own contribution to the environment.

The surge in consumer demand for sustainable goods has opened the door to new markets, particularly in areas such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and fast fashion. For example, in Amazon's first quarter this year, revenue from eco-friendly beauty care products grew by 325% and unit sales by 317 %.

And contrary to conventional wisdom, pencils are still an immediate necessity for most people in the writing instrument segment, with 15 billion wooden pencils produced globally each year, which would require the cutting down of more than 60,000 trees, according to sustainable goods website Pristine Planet.

So on its own, sprout's plant-based pencils are a good marketing product that eliminates unnecessary waste (like pencil tips) by naturally degrading plantings for sustainability, which is enough to make it an attractive product that hits the millennial demographic right where it counts.