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Hidden gun shelf for family security

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Hidden gun shelf for family security

As we all know, the United States has the largest civilian firearms market in the world. Gun fans are interested not only in the weapons themselves, but also the products supporting them. In terms of storage, some people choose gun boxes, while others will specifically buy gun cabinets to give weapons a perfect shelter. A normal furniture, but it is no longer installed with clothes or sundries, but specially used to put guns. Not only furniture, car armrest box and rear storage box can be refitted into mobile gun cabinet.

Moreover, with the popularity of intelligent devices, many gun fans have also played new tricks, such as installing a pusher at the back of the drawer. People only need to give orders to AI to realize the automatic opening and closing of the drawer, which is full of science and technology.

The second is the concealed gun cabinet. This kind of gun cabinet is usually hidden in the normal furniture, which is difficult to be found at ordinary times. For example, one looks like a clock on the surface, but in fact there is a large space inside, where a pistol can be placed. Another example is the gun cabinet hidden inside the bed. It is very concealed, and it is locked, which is difficult for others to open.

The third is the customized gun cabinet. There are many companies in the United States that specially customize the gun cabinet. The cabinet is fine and full of ancient charm, while the interior is equipped with a gun rack, which can place multiple rifles or shotguns.

If you are a local tyrant gun fan, the fourth one should be more suitable for you, that is, a gun house with exquisite decoration and rich collection. This is a bit similar to the cloakroom. All four walls of the room are transformed into gun cabinets, and a special display desk is in the middle, which is convenient for gun fans to take down the guns on the cabinets for maintenance or appreciation at any time.