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Home products are upgraded in all directions due to more time at home

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Home products are upgraded in all directions due to more time at home

According to the data, the market volume of the global home decoration industry will reach 208.8 billion US dollars in 2020 and is expected to be close to 300 billion US dollars in 2025. Work at home, bring children at home, exercise at home, karaoke at home... The epidemic is bringing about a change in the home industry.

Smart home, multi-functional home and connected home have become a new trend: people demand a more convenient life, and home has become an intelligent center. Under this trend, networked devices, intelligent devices and virtual assistants have gradually become essential products. Personal indoor space has been redefined to be compatible with multiple space scenes such as work, study, rest, fitness, dining, childcare, social networking, love and cultural infiltration, and pay attention to personalization and long-term value. At the same time, daily home activities show a social trend. People pay more attention to the community environment and crowd dynamics. When upgrading, they tend to choose products that are beneficial to environmental protection.

Working at home directly drives the sharp rise in the expenditure of home decoration, and people begin to reconsider the rationality of space allocation, such as whether there is an independent office room or office area; At the same time, it has become a trend for soft decorations to change the delicacy of space, such as changing the color of walls, putting forward new needs such as eye protection for lights, increasing a large number of green plants, cleaning items, changing the indoor pattern, increasing intelligent appliances, etc.

At present, Europe and the United States are the most concentrated areas of home decoration brand companies. The share of cutting-edge brands is expanding rapidly. A large number of new businesses have entered the online market. Interior decoration and bedding are the industry segments of the main competitors. According to the data of yidiantianxia, the head brand accounts for more than 50% of the market share and continues to increase. The choice of home decoration products of millennials is most far-reaching affected by social media platforms. Full time parents, student party and "slash youth" are the main consumers of home decoration. Emerging brands and their ideas are rapidly penetrating into the younger generation.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily