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How can the office environment be improved?

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How can the office environment be improved?

As one of the invisible assets of a company, the office environment is related to the strength and image of a company. A good office environment can not only improve the efficiency of employees, but also bring a more comfortable experience for visitors, which is beneficial to the development of the company. So, what can we do to improve our office environment?

First of all, air quality is an important factor in measuring the quality of an environment or not. Office as a semi-closed indoor space, if not often open the window ventilation, it is possible to make the indoor carbon dioxide content is too high. Office in such an environment, easy to lead to brain hypoxia, thus affecting work efficiency. Therefore, it is beneficial to maintain good air circulation to enhance the comfort of the office environment. Some high-rise buildings are not suitable for window ventilation, you can keep some green plants to absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air. In the office to raise greenery, not only to improve the air, but also to beautify the environment, pleasing to the eye, but also to pay attention to the prevention of mosquito breeding.

Second, timely cleaning and finishing, is an important guarantee to maintain the office environment. Office environment cleanliness and hygiene, on the one hand, the need for cleaning staff to do their duty, regularly clean up the office floor, furnishings, office furniture on the stains, on the other hand, the need for each employee to establish a good sense of hygiene, timely sorting of personal items on the workstation, to keep the workstation information, equipment and office supplies placed neatly, beautiful.

Finally, and most importantly, to establish a sound system of rules and regulations, and through effective management to achieve the optimization of the office environment. Without a complete system and rules, any management practice can not begin to talk. Therefore, the office environment is good or bad, can also be seen from the side of the company's management ability in what level line. The development of a reasonable system of rewards and penalties and office environment assessment standards to motivate employees to maintain the office environment on their own initiative, which is conducive to maintaining a clean and comfortable office environment in the long term.