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How important is smart home security?

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How important is smart home security?

How important is smart home security? Some people compare it to insurance. They think it is useful if something happens and useless if nothing happens. This idea often forms a wrong logic: there is generally no accident at home, so it is actually useless. However, this is far from the idea of many Americans. Relevant surveys show that 62% of Americans choose smart home for family safety.

Many people may not know much about smart home and have no concept of security in smart home. In fact, smart home security is very necessary in modern families. Broadly speaking, smart home security mainly aims at three aspects: first, family property security; Second, family personal safety; Third, family health. So for these three aspects, how does smart home do? We might as well divide the smart home into security equipment into three parts.

1.It's anti-theft monitoring equipment. Monitoring is well understood. It is a smart camera, which is used to monitor the situation at home in real time. Users can view the changes at home anytime and anywhere through their mobile phone. For example, nest5 Dropcam acquired with us $5.5 billion. In addition to smart cameras, anti-theft monitoring devices also include human activities and door and window switch sensing devices, such as infrared intrusion detectors and door and window magnets. These devices can timely transmit the sensing abnormalities to the user's mobile phone. Recently, the "giant wave" activity package launched by IOT sensing, a well-known domestic smart home enterprise, mainly includes such products.

2.It is a fire warning equipment. This kind of equipment is mainly fire and explosion-proof inside the family. According to the pertinence, it can also be divided into two parts: first, the equipment with strong pertinence, mainly including smoke fire detector and combustible gas leakage detector, which will give an alarm when the smoke or combustible gas reaches a certain concentration, rather than letting users know after the incident; The second is the less targeted equipment, mainly smart switches and smart sockets. This kind of equipment can give timely feedback on the use of some aging household appliances and wires, and even automatically cut off the power supply in case of any situation, so as to protect electrical appliances and avoid fire.

3.It is environmental monitoring equipment. Strictly speaking, environmental monitoring equipment does not belong to a branch of smart home security, but considering the safety of indoor environment, it is also classified as security. As the name suggests, environmental monitoring equipment is mainly used to detect the indoor environment, including formaldehyde detector and PM2 5 detector, CO2 detector, air purifier, etc. it is obvious that the function of this kind of equipment is to detect some harmful substances in the air in real time and adjust the air quality. For example, Haier "knows", Wulian's PM2 5 detector and the ink "air fruit" launched last year.

Obviously, smart home security is directly related to our vital interests. However, we tend to overestimate the security of our environment. We usually think that if there is no accident, there will be no accident, but the actual situation is far from that. Relevant statistics show that 90% of adults in families will walk away during cooking, 60% even often walk away, 70% of families have no smoke alarm, 23% have never heard of it, 30% of family kitchen high-power appliances are connected to the wiring board, while 12% always do. In other words, many families have more or less unsafe problems, and once these problems are exposed, the consequences will be very serious.

However, the actual situation is that without these equipment, the probability of potential unsafe factors turning into actual unsafe crisis is also very small. Therefore, many people will not take it seriously and take it for granted that they are dispensable and non rigid needs. This may also be an important reason why nest smoke detection can get widespread attention in Europe and the United States, but there is no actual purchase action in China. But in fact, in terms of function, smart home security is undoubtedly very useful for family safety. It can do the triple protection of property, personal and health for family safety, which is far beyond the traditional home.

Source: Dongfang Jinbao