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How is smart home security protected?

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How is smart home security protected?

The rapid development of smart home products and the Internet of Things has provided great convenience to people's lives, but at the same time, the security of smart home products has come into the public eye and become a concern. So, is smart home safe?

In fact, smart home security is due to some unscrupulous manufacturers in order to keep the cost down, the production of low-quality components that can work seamlessly with other networked devices, only to lead to the entire smart home system security protection ability is greatly reduced.

However, we do not have to worry, with the development of recent years, the security performance of the smart home has also been greatly enhanced, there is no hacking smart home, however, if you want a safer smart home experience, I recommend that you still buy brand products, the quality of the equipment is guaranteed, the security is more guaranteed.

If the family is still worried about privacy is not guaranteed, then you can not use the original preset, too simple user name and password, to change the password regularly; general equipment such as lights, curtains, washing machine, sweeping robot, do not need to worry about, there is nothing to benefit from, some installation of cameras, do not face the bedroom, bathroom and other private areas.

1. personal safety

First of all, all smart products protect the user from personal safety. When an intruder tries to pry your smart door lock, you install a smart door lock and smart security system. The door lock connected to the app and security system will send a message directly to you, while the smart alarm will sound an alert. So whether you're at home or away, you'll be aware of the problem as soon as possible.

2. Hardware security

Second, in terms of hardware security, the smart products are of high quality. The welding of components and electrical boards is done in professional factories. In addition, our smart products have passed information security and privacy compliance certifications from several consulting and auditing organizations around the world.

3. Firmware Security

Second, firmware is a way of communication between the board and the Internet, services and applications. If there is an error in the firmware, then a hacker could break into your smart door lock and open your door with remote control. But smart products don't have this problem and the app updates the firmware in a timely manner. Therefore, it is both convenient and easy to protect your security.

4. Communication Security

In addition, the smart product will be connected to the app. when you want to control your smart device through the app, the signal will be sent from Wi-Fi-router-server-home center-smart door lock. During this process, all data will be encrypted by Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256). AES256 has a very high level of security because to crack it, one needs to try to crack it more times than the sand on the surface, which is 10^77th power. Therefore, all data after encryption needs to be verified in both directions in order to decrypt and work. Therefore, the security level of the product is very high.

5. Service Security

Finally, the smart door lock has 3 server backups so that if one of the servers fails, the other server will support its work. One of the servers used is AmazonWebServices (AWS). AWS is the world's most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform, offering over 175 fully functional services from data centers around the world. In addition, AWS' architecture is designed to be the most flexible and secure cloud computing environment available today. Their core infrastructure is designed to meet the security requirements of the military, global banks and other highly sensitive organizations. As a result, product data is protected and not easily hacked. Finally, and most importantly, each user needs to protect their cell phone passwords and router passwords at home and not leave any information online. All these methods can prevent your smart home from being invaded by others. Therefore, the security of such a smart home is the best.