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How much do you know about whiteboards?

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How much do you know about whiteboards?

In modern office life, almost every company has a white board in the conference room, which is often referred to as a whiteboard. Don't underestimate this small whiteboard, it may be the source of brainstorming, or it may be the recorder of a major decision.

A whiteboard is usually a writing surface made of white sheet metal. A whiteboard is similar to a chalkboard in that it is a writing tool that can be erased repeatedly. It is often used for teaching, meeting discussions, or personal and family note taking. There are many different styles of whiteboards according to different classifications, including single-sided whiteboards, double-sided whiteboards, imported whiteboards, domestic whiteboards, wall-hanging, mobile with shelves and so on. Faced with a variety of whiteboards, often become a problem for people. So how exactly to choose the whiteboard is the most appropriate? Please see the large online procurement platform of the morning light stationery company Kelipp for you to organize the method:.

1, if it is a company or enterprise or institution with a quality whiteboard is a good choice, because companies and units generally use more, quality board surface of the whiteboard is also more wear-resistant, with a longer number of years, the long time will not be the phenomenon of the board surface is not smooth and bad to rub. Then as for its style and specifications depends on the needs of the company. The company unit can choose the magnetic whiteboard, but also not with the magnetic whiteboard.

2, if it is a school, the purchase of a high-quality more appropriate, and then with magnetic, so that teachers lecture more convenient, for some rooms without a podium need this magnetic with a rack of mobile whiteboard, such as special needs, you can buy a rotating flip, with a rack mobile, magnetic quality whiteboard, which will be the best use of school whiteboard.

3, if it is for home use, is generally used to record some things or teach children at home with learning, so then it is recommended that the ordinary whiteboard, because the family may not use too much, and their own use will be well maintained, the choice of domestic affordable. For general use, you may choose to hang the whiteboard, the specifications are smaller, so that hanging on the wall at home will not take up too much space. This whiteboard is also divided into single-sided whiteboard, double-sided whiteboard, with magnetic and non-magnetic, this depends on personal needs, if the general use, it is recommended to buy the kind of single-sided with magnetic, so that after hanging up with a more convenient.

The use of whiteboards is relatively simple, but different habits determine the service life of the whiteboard, here to remind you of the most important point: to protect the whiteboard surface, because the service life of the whiteboard depends entirely on the degree of protection of the surface, but also only to protect the surface of the whiteboard, it can be a long time together with you to witness the changes that occur.