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How to Reduce Printer Working Noise?

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How to Reduce Printer Working Noise?

The unit has an LQ1600K pin printer that has been in "service" for several years, and the printer is constantly and indirectly connected to the computer I use. Although the LQ1600K needle printer every day diligently provide printing services for us, and never any printing problems, but the printer work out of the crunching noise, so that the printer stands next to the author all day distracted, ear-splitting printing sound so that the author's ear response sensitivity has decreased a lot, especially the printer in the processing of forms issued by the noise really let a little Can not stand, even if the printer's shell all closed up, work noise is still incessant.

Recently I bought back an air conditioner at home, after installing the air conditioner I found that the rest of the air conditioner box is full of sponges and foam, see these things in the author's mind suddenly emerged from the idea, can not use these sponges and foam, will disturb the author's printing noise eliminated it! In reality, the LQ1600K needle printer work noise mainly from the print head, if you can use sound insulation material to print head and the outside world relatively isolated, you can achieve the purpose of reducing work noise. However, we can not use sponge and foam will be indirectly wrapped up the print head, which will affect the normal work of the print head and normal heat dissipation; taking into account this aspect of the reason, I intend to expand the scope of the package some, ready to wrap the printer's shell.

As the LQ1600K needle printer around and the bottom itself is composed of multi-layer plastic materials and some metal materials, so the printer and the bottom and around the shell itself has a certain degree of sound-absorbing function, and the printer usually produces work noise is almost all from the top cover of the shell, so we just need to use sponge and foam and other sound insulation materials will be the top cover of the printer shell Wrapped up, you can effectively reduce the noise of the printer work.

According to this idea, I began to align the size of the top cover of the printer, the air conditioning box of sponge and foam cut into a number of small pieces of the right size, and then use double-sided tape to paste them respectively on the top cover of the printer. Of course, in the paste sponge and foam blocks, must be repeatedly debugged to ensure that they can not affect the normal movement of the print head, but also can not affect the normal printing paper feeding operation; and in the printer and the upper cover of the connection gap, must be left more than one to ensure that the connection gap will also be wrapped up with sponge and foam, even the connection gap of the upper cover itself we need to use sound insulation material to it Even the top cover itself is wrapped with sound insulation material to ensure that the noise cannot be transmitted from the gap. In fact, it is better to do this kind of taping and wrapping, because the space inside the printer is still not small. I believe that after the processing of sound insulation materials, the printer will significantly reduce the noise of work.

In addition to the print needle in the work can make noise, the printer body in the printing process will also be and desktop impact, vibration, which will also produce part of the work noise, to eliminate this part of the noise, we just need to be in the printer at the bottom of the pad on a piece of plastic foam, so that the printer in the process of vibration noise will be absorbed by the foam.