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How to buy home safe

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How to buy home safe

To choose a good safe, there are many factors to consider, such as appearance, brand, color, anti-theft grade and other requirements. It is not the price but the value that determines the cost performance of the safe, and the key is the brand. A good brand itself has been accompanied by high-quality product quality and good after-sales service. Of course, in addition to choosing a good brand, other factors are also very important, such as the size of the safe, anti-theft performance, type of safe, installation location and so on. Let's take a look at the specific purchase skills:

1. Look at the use environment

When decorating the house, the installation position of the SAFE shall be taken into account: it shall be placed in the hidden place such as the wardrobe, and the position of the SAFE shall be reserved when ordering the wardrobe; If it is placed in the wall, enough size must be reserved first, so as not to open a hole after decoration; Put it directly on the bookcase or Bogu shelf. The color and technology of the safe should be integrated with the home layout.

2. See the size

Before purchase, first determine the placement position, and then buy the safe according to the size of the position. The selection of size mainly considers two aspects. The first is to measure the size of the items to be stored, especially the matching between the maximum size of the length, width and height of the items to be stored and the box; The second is to meet the requirements of the installation position of the safe.

3. Check the anti-theft performance

The anti-theft performance of household safe is mainly considered: the harder the material used, the less likely it is to pry and deform and be drilled; The smaller the gap between the door seams, the thief will have no way to use the stealing tools; The process treatment of door panel and door frame is the key to prevent technical opening. In addition, check the lock bolt structure. It is best to thicken the diameter of the lock bolt.

4. Use habits

The usage habit is mainly the choice of locks. The safe locks on the market are mainly mechanical and electronic. The main feature of mechanical type is that the use method is traditional, which is easy to accept by ordinary consumers, but it is difficult to change the password; The electronic password is easy to change and can realize many functions. At present, it is highly favored in the market.