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How to clear file cabinet odors?

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How to clear file cabinet odors?

Office filing cabinet has a lot of documents, a long time down it is easy to breed mold, resulting in odor, so how to clear the filing cabinet with odor? Next we explain in detail for everyone.

First of all, just buy back the file cabinet placed in a ventilated position, placed in the file cabinet room into the appropriate amount of vinegar, in the washbasin full of clean water, put the washbasin close to the file cabinet place, open the door of the file cabinet, so you can well absorb the odor in the file cabinet.

Take the right amount of soft fabric, pour a little white vinegar or dip a small amount of rice water wipe the surface and interior of the file cabinet, try to wipe each place once, can also be very good to file cabinet inside the odor.

You can also use pineapple into the room of the file cabinet, the use of pineapple itself is a kind of coarse fiber fruit, so you can absorb the odor at the same time can also give off a fresh taste, can play a good effect of clear odor.