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How to dispose of office supplies more environmentally friendly?

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How to dispose of office supplies more environmentally friendly?

Office supplies, the items people use in their daily work, include document filing supplies, desktop supplies, office equipment, financial supplies, consumables and many other categories. With the advancement of industrialization and the upgrading of global industries, the use of office supplies is becoming more and more widespread, and the consumption is increasing, from which more and more office waste is generated. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it is estimated that 40% of municipal solid waste comes from office buildings. In today's increasingly ecological balance, the demand for environmentally friendly office supplies is becoming a trend, how to be more environmentally friendly use of office supplies has become an urgent issue to be resolved.

How to use office supplies to be more environmentally friendly? As users of office supplies, we can make improvements in the procurement, use and recycling of office supplies.

In the procurement of office supplies, for a certain size of the enterprise, choose office supplies in bulk procurement method, not only to meet a longer period of time in the daily office of the enterprise's office supplies needs, but also to lower prices for the purchase of enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but also to reduce the energy consumption generated during transportation.

In the daily use of office supplies, paper as one of the most consumed office supplies, in the use of the process to do the best use, not to make unnecessary consumption. When printing documents, typesetting should be as concise as possible, save printing space, and use double-sided printing to save paper.

Office supplies recycling can extend the life cycle of office supplies, to better play the value of office supplies. For example, refilling of used inkjet cartridges can save about 75% of the money compared to re-purchasing inkjet cartridges. Generally speaking, a quality inkjet cartridge can be refilled about 10 times. In addition, we can also reuse the packaging materials for office supplies. Used boxes are used to store miscellaneous items, plastic foam is used to protect valuable items, etc., which can play a role in extending the use of office supplies packaging time.

In short, there are many ways to deal with the use of office supplies to become more environmentally friendly, the key is to develop low-carbon and economical habits in the use of office supplies, reduce the production of office waste. Actively maintain the environmental comfort of the office environment, which is conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises and society as a whole.